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History of Shelby Bikes Shared

SHELBY- Presenter Christina Drain visited Marvin Memorial Library to discuss the detailed history surrounding the Shelby Bicycle on Thursday night.

Drain began her presentation by explaining the history of the ordinary bicycle and the safety bicycle, which was first created in 1885.

"What I have found out when I was doing research for Shelby Bicycle's was there wasn't a lot of research done. What was done was by someone out of town, so there was a lot of misinformation," Drain expressed.

Drain explained the bicycle industry received its roots from the seamless tube industry...Read More

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Debate Over Confederate Flag

SHELBY - The debate over the removal of the Confederate flag from government buildings in South Carolina as well as its likeness from many manufacturers' products has been slightly overshadowed by current events in the Supreme Court of the United States, but that doesn't mean people aren't still concerned over the recent actions.

What does the Confederate flag actually mean to people and is our nation going "too far" by removing and banning the symbol in certain respects? Local readers sounded off.

Tom Gross of Crestline believes the Confederate flag is "a history of the south and it should stay up as part of history. It has been there since the Civil War."...Read More

Willard's Festival In The Park July 1-4

The 29th Annual Willard Festival in the Park will feature fun, food and festivities. The event will run from July 1 through July 4.

The food booths will start at 4 p.m. each day and at noon on Saturday for a special "Kids Day" matinee.

According to Bryson Hamons, park and recreation director for the City of Willard, this year the main event will be the Pirates of the Columbian Caribbean aerial high wire show. Good pirates will take on their foes while suspended 30-feet in the air on a cable. The show will include acrobatics and a sword fight in the search for a treasure map...Read More

Full-Time NL Village Employees Receive Raises

Full-time employees of the village of New London will receive raises ranging from two to three percent effective July 1.

Council members approved the pay increases following a lengthy closed door session during Monday night's meeting.

Administrator Shawn Pickworth said, "The increases are performance raises based on scores on evaluations and the percentage of the raises were assigned by council."...Read More

Grange Organized To Assist Farmers

The Grange, also known as the Patrons of Husbandry, was organized in the United States in 1867 to assist farmers with purchasing machinery, building grain elevators, lobbying for government regulation of railroad shipping fees and providing a support network for farm families.

In 1867, Oliver Kelley, an employee in the Department of Agriculture, founded the Grange. The Grange's purpose was to provide farmers with an organization that could assist them with any difficulties that arose. During the late 1860s and 1870s, farmers faced numerous problems, including swarms of grasshoppers, extravagant railroad fares to ship crops, expensive farming machinery, high interest and mortgage rates, high costs to store grain in silos, and falling prices. Farmers in the Great Plains and the South quickly rallied to the Grange, although this organization also gained members in other parts of the United States...Read More

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