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Fundraising Discussions For Black Fork Commons Project Continues

SHELBY- Fundraising for the Black Fork Commons project continued as brochures were presented before Park Board members during Monday night’s regular meeting.

Regarding information for the project, Park Board Member Ed Ingle had previously contacted Pivot Creative to design brochures to hand out to provide basic information to individuals and businesses. Park Board President Ralph Rosinsky commented on how well the brochures were presented.....Read More

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Vandalism At Park Properties

SHELBY- Parks Superintendent Jerry Marshall provided his monthly report which included vandalism on park properties during Monday night’s regular Park Board meeting.

Marshall explained Shelby Parks went into winter shutdown during February, however, that didn’t stop vandals.

“Vandals spray painted the south and north sides of our garage and at the pool bathhouse. We pulled our security tape and identified four kids that appear to have been involved on February 10,” Marshall stated. “We later learned of a problem with four kids on the Boulevard and on Second Street. After talking to the police we learned that four kids had been caught and charged from the Second Street issue....Read More

Plymouth Police, DARE Ready To Partner With Community, Schools

As the first DARE officer for the Plymouth Police Department, Officer Theresa Shean held an information night for parents concerning opioid abuse.

“We are really trying to be strong advocates against drugs in the village,” Shean said. “This meeting is for parents, who are a big factor in fighting this epidemic. And, it is an epidemic.”

The standard for DARE in the past, Shean pointed out, was “just say no.” Now, the DARE training is giving young people the ability to “just say no and here is why.....Read More

New London Miracle Baby

While every baby is unique in their own way, some are bigger fighters who face tougher odds than others.

Paisley Born is one little miracle who has captured the attention of doctors around the world.

Paisley, the daughter of Megan Curtis of New London, was born in October 2017 with heterotaxy, according to her mom. “I was 30 weeks when I found out and it was the first ultrasound I went to by myself.”

Megan said her daughter has several physical anomalies, many of her organs were in the center of her body instead of in the normal position, and her heart and liver were transversed (flipped). She doesn’t have a spleen, which makes her more likely to get infections and struggle to recover from them, and has a mass on her thyroid which affects her growth, causing her to weigh only 16 pounds at 16 months of age. Only one ventricle of Paisley’s heart was functioning at birth, but not correctly....Read More

Ohio Farms Use Agri-Chemicals Produced In 'Bone Valley'

Most people in Ohio have probably never heard of Mulberry, Florida, a town of around 4,000 people, 40 miles west of Tampa. Over the years, many tons of agri-chemicals produced in local processing plants have been put on Ohio farm fields.

The population figure is misleading since the town was kept from expanding for generations by the phosphate mines. Many people who work in the agri-chemical industry around Mulberry live in surrounding towns. As mining has moved south into neighboring counties, the industry has been disposing of reclaimed mine land which has allowed for housing development.

While the agricultural chemical industry is still a main employer, Mulberry has diversified away from phosphate in the last 20 years due to the consolidation of the industry.....Read More

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