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Humane Society Seizes Dogs

The Huron County Humane Society seized a number of dogs from a residence on Woodland Avenue last week.

"We had been there before," noted Kathleen Hampton, lead investigator for the Humane Society. "Last fall we responded to a call involving nasty conditions.

"All we saw at that time was several cats and two dogs," Hampton noted. "We didn't know about any others. She told us all of the animals were out of the apartment and that she only had four dogs. The others were hidden in cages."...Read More

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Quick Reaction Saves Employee's Life

SHELBY- March 14, 2015 started out like any other work day at Carton Service for employee Bryan Shumate. Shumate was performing his job like he always had, when all of a sudden he collapsed to the ground.

Shumate was working in the Finishing Department of Carton Service when he collapsed around 4:15 p.m. When Shumate fell to the ground, Mark Rookard, co-worker of Shumate's, explained another co-worker who was by Shumate's side ran to get Rookard to help with the situation.

Rookard stated he rushed to Shumate's side and quickly moved to assess the situation at hand...Read More

Fire Department Awarded Lifetime EMS Silver Award

The Willard Fire Department has been awarded the American Heart Association's Mission: Lifeline EMS Silver Award. The award is in recognition for the implementation of quality improvement measures for the treatment of patients who suffer severe heart attacks.

According to the American Heart Association, more than 250,000 people experience a ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI). This is a type of heart attack caused by a complete blockage of blood flow to the heart that requires quick treatment. In order to prevent a person's death after a STEMI, it is critical to restore blood flow as quickly as possible...Read More

Council Approves Resolution With HCEMA For Services

During a brief meeting held on Monday evening, New London Council members approved a resolution for emergency management services for the village.

The resolution allows for a contract with Huron County Emergency Management Agency (HCEMA) for services at a cost of $.25 per person based on the population of the village. The total cost for the annually renewable contract is $615.25 for the contract year 2015-2016...Read More

Coshocton Co. Dairy Banquet Awards Presented

COSHOCTON, Ohio - The 2015 Coshocton County Dairy Banquet, hosted by the County Dairy Service Unit, was held recently in the Coshocton County Career Center.

The 2014 Dairy Youth Project awards were presented and the 2015 dairy royalty were crowned during the meeting. The project awards were given to all participants who showed a dairy project at the 2014 Coshocton County Fair.

Receiving the awards were Dilyn Tumblin, Anna King, Augusta Kinzel, Caitlyn Bookless, Sydney Zinkon, Cameron Mizer, Jenna Wyler, DrewTumblin, and Brett Kinzel...Read More

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