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Central Elementary ready to meet data-driven challenges

In order to make sure each child at Central Elementary School is learning, administrators and staff members are turning to data to make sure no one falls through the cracks.

After the recent state grade card assessment of school districts and their separate buildings, curriculum director Jennie Smith noted there are plans to bring up both the grade for the building and the students' own abilities...Read More

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Shelby Families Result of WWII "War Brides" Marriages

SHELBY - As many as 100,000 British women and 20,000 German women married U.S. soldiers during World War II. As a result of the War Brides Act of 1945, these women and their children, if any, were guaranteed admittance to the United States as alien spouses and dependents. But marrying a U. S. soldier was not about a free ride to America....Read More

Plymouth hears update on theft

Plymouth Police Chief Charlie Doan updated council regarding the recent theft at Community Market at the Oct. 14 village council meeting.

The investigation is still pending, but there has been progress made, he said. Following the robbery, officers went to Mickey Mart to ask to see security tape footage of the premises and found the suspects tried to rob the gas station as well, he stated...Read More

NL To See Savings With Health Insurance

The village of New London will see significant savings by going with a self-funded health insurance plan according to Independent Insurance Agent Vicki Missler.

Missler reported on the savings to council members during Monday evening's meeting.

"The old plan was $22,562 per month," said Missler. "We quoted a cost of $19,583 but when all of the applications came back and all questions were answered the cost is $17,883 per month which is a savings of over $4,000 per month."...Read More

Tuscarawas County 2014 Farm Bureau Annual Meeting

"All Abuzz About Bees and Other Amazing Pollinators" was the theme for the Tuscarawas County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting.

The accomplishments of the past year were reviewed and goals for the future discussed during the event held at the Union Hill United Methodist Church at Sugarcreek...Read More

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Shelby FB vs. Sandusky

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Shelby Girls Golf vs. Lexington, Bucyrus

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Shelby VB vs. Clear Fork

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Shelby Boys Golf vs. Willard

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