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PCTC Grateful For Ambulance Donation

SHELBY - Students from the Homeland Security and the Criminal Justice Career programs at PCTC expressed their appreciation for the mobile command unit donated by Richland County at the recent board of education meeting.

The vehicle is stocked with radios, water, cold weather gear and numerous equipment aides to assist the students when they are at functions practicing their vocation.

Instructors Dan George (Criminal Justice) and Eric Winbigler (Homeland Security) also thanked the board and praised Richland County for the donation...Read More

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Scout Brings Project Idea To Park Board

SHELBY- Boy Scout Logan Karl brought forward an idea for his Eagle Project during Monday night’s regular Park Board meeting.

Karl explained he was inspired to do his project on the bleachers at McBride Park.

“From my days of playing Little League, the bleachers kind of sag a little bit. So, I am thinking about redoing those and another thing is that there are no stairs,” Karl stated.

Karl provided the board members with a sketch of what he wanted to do with the project.....Read More

Plymouth Police DAREing To Make A Difference In Community

The Plymouth Police Department is stepping up its commitment to the community by using the DARE program in the Plymouth-Shiloh Local Schools.

There will be a gathering on Thursday, Jan. 10 at 6 p.m. at the police department so officers can share what DARE will include, along with the introduction of the DARE officer. The meeting is open to the public and families are encouraged to attend.

According to Capt. Montel Gordon of the Plymouth Police Department, this is the first time his agency has sent an officer to receive their DARE certification. Officer Terrie Shean, he noted, was the perfect choice to become the DARE officer...Read More

New London Board Of Education Updated On District Financial Matters

Interest earnings for the New London Local School District totaled $8,800 for the month of December according to treasurer Jim Hudson. He noted the amount is a slight decrease from November. “Investment earnings have increased by an average of 7.6 percent.” He added he is now reporting the rebates from the district’s Huntington Bank credit card, which totaled $130 last month.....Read More

Agriculture Going Back To The Days Of The Vikings

Everybody knows who the Vikings were. They traveled the seven seas in their longboats, pillaging, raping, murdering, plundering monasteries and nunneries for their gold and silver, and taking slaves for use at home. Is all this true? Yes, it is, but many, perhaps most Vikings as I found out, in Iceland museums several years ago stayed at home and farmed, raising gardens, crops, and livestock.

I came from Viking stock myself since many of my ancestors lived in Denmark, which along with Norway produced most of those early Vikings, so I have a special interest in those people. And a long look at Google, at books and magazine articles, and more, told a story that went far beyond murder and pillage.....Read More

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