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Board Changes At Shelby YMCA

SHELBY- The Shelby YMCA welcomed new board members to their team during their annual meeting last week.

Shelby YMCA CEO Caitlin McKelvey explained Kelsey Keller was the only board member which stepped down. Keller was a member of the Board of Directors from April 2016-September 2018. Keller also served as president for one year on the YMCA Board from September 2017-September 2018.

“Kelsey has done a tremendous job this past year serving as president. She has worked hard on the governance committee to ensure effective recruitment processes and committee work. She had excellent organization skills, kept a positive attitude, and was always looking for ways to improve. I am so thankful for her partnership, and we are all sad to see her go,” McKelvey said.....Read More

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Concealed Carry Legislation Debated

SHELBY- Legislation regarding concealed handgun possession was presented before the regular Shelby City Council meeting held on Monday night.

Ordinance No. 23-2018 was brought to council for a first reading which stated to enact section 678.17 (concealed handgun possession on city owned property buildings) of the codified ordinances of the City of Shelby.

Councilman Steve McLaughlin provided details as to why the piece of legislation was brought forth for approval.....Read More

City Salt Bins Full, Ready For Winter

With temperatures in the 90s, the City of Willard has its eyes on the upcoming winter. City manager Jim Ludban told members of council the salt bins are full.

“We have contracted for this season’s salt supply,” he said, “with an increase of approximately $13 a ton over last year. (It is) well below the $100 a ton we paid several years ago.”

Ludban told council the concrete work has been completed on Spring Street. Sealing is also done. The final coat of asphalt should be put down this week.

“That essentially completes that project,” he pointed out. “I am aware that there have been social media postings critical of the progress and extent of the Spring Street project

....Read More

New London Local Schools Receive A 'C' Rating On State Report Card

Local schools seem to be about average, according to the State Report Cards issued by the Ohio Department of Education.

New London was one of the area schools receiving a C on the card, according to district superintendent Brad Romano. He told board of education members during Monday night’s meeting, “Even though we had C as a district grade this year, it is the first year there has been an overall building and district level grade.”

He pointed out the letter grade is new this year to the report card, adding, “So much of what is in this report card is purely based on state assessments. I believe there is a validity and reliability issue in our state assessments. Until the state addresses the volume of state tests given to students it’s hard to put a lot of weight into the report card....Read More

Three Generations At The Albright Family Dairy

Three generations of Albrights have been in the dairy business since the late 1940s at the family farm in the Firelands near Willard.

Joel Albright and his wife Mary Beth are the third generation of the family to work the farm.

Their two children, seven year old Lauren and five year old Luke, will be the fourth generation of the Albrights in the dairy farm business if they choose to stay in the business. Currently, Lauren enjoys the cows and has been training with the cows for the fair while Luke likes playing in the sand and with the cows.

The Albright family were dairy farmers in the 1940s until brucellosis, a bacterial infection, wiped out Allen Albright’s (Joel’s grandfather) herd of 24 cows. In the early 1970s he built the milking parlor that is still in use today. Allen’s son Fred and his wife Becky returned to the family farm in the summer of 1977. At that time, the pair still taught school while helping Allen on the farm. In 1985 Fred quit teaching to work the dairy full time. At the time they were milking about 150 head.....Read More

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