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Civil War Sword Donated To Library

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY - Monday afternoon the Marvin Memorial Library became the proud and excited location for the bequeathment of a Civil War sword and other memorabilia.

A long ago resident of Shelby, Stephen Tipton Marvin was once the owner of those items. Marvin, who was known as “Tip,” joined Company H of the 64th Regiment of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry for a three year term on October 12, 1861. Whilst in the service Tip was captured November 23, 1864 and managed to escape just ten days later. This particular Marvin is a cousin to Daniel Sherwood Marvin who is responsible for donating the current building and property to the city of Shelby to be used for a library forever.

Tip’s relatives, ten in all, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren made the long drive from Indiana in order to present the sword and memorabilia to the library. “It has gone to the oldest boy in each generation,” said Stephen Marvin, the most recent possessor of the sword. “That was how he wanted it to be,” he added referring to his grandfather, who would have been the son to Tip Marvin. The sword which had been the cause of some stress within the family is “now where it should be,” said Stephen. “Now everyone can enjoy it. Our family, the library. The whole town of Shelby now can enjoy this sword.”

The other memorabilia included a number of photographs from Tip’s life including a photo taken in 1909 at what is believed to be Camp Shelby where Civil War veterans reenacted the war. The sword is now on display inside the Marvin Memorial Library where it will remain locked, preserved and cherished forever.

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