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State Farm Hosts Fire Station Fundraiser

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY- State Farm will be hosting a fundraiser to assist with funds to furnish the new fire department this weekend.

On Saturday, September 15, State Farm Agent Amanda Mobley explained the business will welcome community members to join in some fun for the entire family, while offering a few goodies.

Mobley explained why State Farm decided to host the fundraiser for the fire department.

“Each year that we have been open we have done some type of community event. Last year it was a rootbeer float day on a Friday afternoon and then we have had an open house for family and friends. We wanted to solidify an annual event, one to allow people in the community to get to know me and my staff,” Mobley said. “We want to raise money for a cause and this year it happened to be the fire department. Next year it could be something totally different.”

Mobley added the overall purpose of the event was to let community members know how much they appreciate their business.

“This is a way for people to get to know us, anyone is welcome,” Mobley said.

At the fundraiser, Mobley explained Italian ice would be available.

“Everyone that comes will get one free cup of Italian ice and ServePro of Richland and Ashland County will also be here as well. They will be serving hot dogs, chips, cookies, and water,” Mobley said.

All food items will be free of charge, Mobley added.

In addition, Mobley explained there will be a dunk tank where Mayor Steven Schag will be sitting.

“He will be sitting on the dunk tank and we will be selling tickets and that money will be going to the fire department fund,” Mobley said.

For one throw it will cost $2 and for three throws it will cost $5. Mobley explained there will be a raffle as well with a variety of prizes which where donated through local businesses.

“Everyone will get one free ticket for the raffle for just coming to the event and then if people want to buy extra tickets, they can buy five tickets for $5. That money will all go to the fire department,” Mobley said.

In order to win a prize, Mobley explained an individual did not have to be present.

“We ask each person to put their phone number on the raffle ticket so if they win we can give them a call and let them know,” Mobley said.

Some of the prizes include gel manicures from Nail Elegance, pizzas donated by East of Chicago, a gift card from The Vault, and a weed eater from MTD.

State Farm is located at 206 Mansfield Avenue and the fundraiser will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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