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Local Boy Saves The Day- Travis Slone Warns Neighbor Of Shed Fire

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY - In 2015 there were over one million house fires throughout the United States, according to the National Fire Protection Association. But for 2016, there will be one less. Thanks to nine year old Travis Slone, the Bowman household still remains standing.

Sunday, October 9 Kelly Bowman said her husband, Matt was home and answered the knock on the front door. “Travis told my husband the shed in the back yard was smoking. Just by him telling us, my husband was able to go out and grab his propane tanks and his gas cans," Kelly said. “So if it wasn’t for the neighbor boy my husband probably wouldn’t have been able to get those things out of there and it probably would have burnt down the house. And possibly our neighbors’ houses as well because we are pretty close to our neighbors’ house."

Slone stated he was just out in the alley behind his house, riding his bike when he noticed the smoke, “I ran up and told Matt and he went to grab a bucket of water. But then it got really big."

The week of the fire Slone was having Fire Prevention week at school and was honored over the morning announcements for his bravery. Slone stated he wasn’t scared when the fire broke out, but he knew to let someone know.

Although Slone’s warning prevented a larger fire, Bowman mentioned there was still some damage done by the shed fire. “The shed did burn all the way down," said Bowman. “It melted the siding off of the back of our house and it also burnt down the neighbor’s fence." However, Bowman says she’s “really glad the neighbor boy told us because it could have been a lot worse."

Bowman wanted to recognize Slone for stepping up and letting them know about the fire. “He really did save the day," said Bowman.

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