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Tempting Treats Highlight Library Bake-Off

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY- Marvin Memorial Library had an abundance of sweet treats at their 18th Annual Chocolate Lovers’ Bake-Off on Monday night.

Organizer of the Chocolate Lovers’ Bake-Off Shelly Krystofik explained for this year’s event there were a total of 31 entries submitted. This event is one of the most popular held at Marvin Memorial.

“I am more than happy with that number. This has just been an amazing turn out. We actually have more entries this year than we had last year,” Krystofik said.

At the Bake-Off, there are a total of four different categories for contestants to submit entries. The categories include: cakes, cookies and bars, desserts, and a category for children to submit yummy items.

In the children’s category this year, Krystofik explained there were a total of seven entries.

For the Bake-Off, there were 12 judges and a number of volunteers assisting with dishing out the sweet treats.

Some of the delightful goodies included a strawberry chocolate cake, a chocolate mint cake, a turtle chocolate cheesecake cake, truffle assortments, Neapolitan cupcakes, peanut butter squares, frosted chocolate chip pumpkin bars, and colorful fudge.

Krystofik explained she wanted to thank everyone who volunteered, judged, and participated in this year’s Bake-Off.

“I’m just ecstatic at the turn out we have here tonight. This is always such a fun event and there’s chocolate included, so it really is the best of both worlds.”

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