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Exterior Property Maintenance Is A Priority For The City

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY- The City of Shelby is gearing up to make the community look welcoming to residents and visitors this summer.

One way the administration is working toward making the community look appealing is through exterior property maintenance.

Project Coordinator Joe Gies explained one of the main issues the city faced every year during the warmer months involved residents mowing their grass.

“We always have issues with some residents and their yards. The grass is allowed to get up to eight inches. It used to be where a certified letter was sent out and that can take quite a while. So now, they just go out and post it and then they have 48 hours to get it cut. If it is not cut, then we come and do it,” Gies said.

After the city comes and mows the grass, a bill is sent out for the owner to pay.

Another issue the city faces includes residents parking in their yards.

“It has been publicized that residents are not allowed to park in their yard for an extended time. If someone is having a birthday party or a gathering where a bunch of people will be at the home, that is why a certain amount of time is allowed. The ordinance states no greater than six hours in any 48 hour period. That way if you do have a bunch of people over, they will be gone and that is fine. Some people are just using their yards as parking spots and that is not allowed,” Gies said.

Gies also addressed the concern of having dead trees and debris throughout their yard.

“That can attract vermin and everything like that. People also try to put couches and mattresses out. The main goal is to just keep the exterior surfaces of everything clean and painted,” Gies said.

Gies went over a checklist which the city uses for exterior property maintenance. Regarding Ordinance 1490.11 Exterior Surfaces: (a) surface areas must be coated with compatible colors and not peeling, (b) deteriorated walls, doors, porches, floors, steps, railings and other features, (c) damaged or broken windows, sills, sashes, molding, lintels or trim.

With 1490.12 Foundations: Shall be maintained and no loose or missing blocks, brick, or other foundation material.

Regarding 1490.13 Roofs, Gutters, Downspouts, and Chimneys: (a) loose roofing shingles or non weather-tight roof, (b) non working gutters or corroded gutters, (c) chimney in disrepair with loose bricks and mortar or other materials.

For 1490.14 Yard Area Maintenance: (a) (1) furniture, mattresses, household furnishings, appliances, dilapidated autos or auto parts in yard, (a) (2) broken glass, stumps, filth garbage, trash, and debris on property, (b) (1) trees, shrubs, or plants in the tree lawn overhanging in the roadway, (b) (2) grass or weeds over eight inches, (c) (1) detached garage, barn, sheds, bins and the like not in good repair (c) (2) deteriorated or decayed fence or other yard enclosure, (d) (1) motor vehicle or trailer parked in yard area for more than six cumulative hours in a 48 hour period, (e) hole, crack, excavation, break, projections and obstruction in yard creating hazard.

From the checklist, Gies explained if an item is found the owner has 30 days to make changes if they are not already working on the issues.

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