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Butlers Also Take Home "Show Off Shelby!" Honors

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY- Charlotte and Walter Butler of 164 Poplar Drive, were one of the couples who happened to tie for first place for 'Show Off Shelby!'

Charlotte explained the inspiration behind the landscaping throughout her and Walter's home began when the couple decided to add a sun room.

"We started this room back in 1989 and Darrell Arnold of Arnold's Landscaping came around that time to help with the landscaping outside of the sun room. It has been a 20 year process," Charlotte said.

Charlotte and Walter moved into their home in February 1976.

"Back then, we didn't have anything and we literally started from scratch. We didn't have sidewalks and we didn't even have a front yard. A lot has changed here over the years," Charlotte stated.

Since then, the Butlers have added different paths and sidewalks leading around their home and a koi pond. Charlotte said they work on a new addition every single year.

This year, the main focus was working around the pool and planting different colorful flowers. Charlotte stated the pool was built around 1985.

When asked what landscape design she liked best, Charlotte replied by stating, "I love the pond and I love the pool. It is just so peaceful back there."

Charlotte explained she maintains the upkeep of the plants and flowers, while Walter tends to the mowing, raking, and edging of their property.

"I take care of the plants and flowers by making sure they are watered and have fertilizer. I like all different colors of flowers and I just love all the different components around the house, including the use of mulch and stone," Charlotte said.

According to a release from the Shelby Garden Club, the Butlers were cited for immaculate presentation, perfection of details, excellent circulation between all five appealing resting areas, successful solutions for masking noise and achieving privacy on a busy corner property, and outstanding use of limited space.

Charlotte explained she has always had an interest with landscaping and flowers.

"We start preparing for the season in very early spring. We have all kinds of different flowers for the seasons, including all different bulbs and daffodils. We also have a variety of different trees around our home as well. I just love all the colors," Charlotte said.

Charlotte revealed what her thoughts on being established as one of the winners in this year's 'Show Off Shelby!' contest.

"We were just so pleased to even be nominated and to actually be a winner was absolutely shocking. As my granddaughter would say, we were just stunned," Charlotte shared.

Charlotte expressed her appreciation to the women of the Shelby Garden Club.

"They are just wonderful ladies and they were so sweet and kind. They always made me smile when they were here and we really want to thank them for everything. It truly is an honor to be a winner," Charlotte said.

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