Ladycats Hold 10-3 Conference Record

By Payton Shays
Record Sportswriter

The Ladycat softball team (#7 rank) fell in their sectional semifinal game on Tuesday night over fifth ranked Mohawk. The girls also defeated the Mapleton Mounties on Saturday night to bring them one step closer to their ninth conference championship.

New London holds a conference record of 10-3 while Mapleton stands at a record of 11-2.

The teams were scheduled to compete on Monday night for the showdown to see if the Mounties pulled out an outright conference title of if the Cats upset the Mounties to take a share of the Firelands Conference crown.

Tuesday night the Ladycats traveled to Sycamore-Mohawk to fall to their opponents 14-0.

The first two innings gave Mohawk an 11-0 lead including two homeruns to put them on track for their victory.

The Ladycats were disappointed to see their tournament run come to a quick end after traveling to the sweet 16 last spring.

No other information was available.

The following night the Ladycats defeated the Mounties in extra innings 7-3.

The Mounties held a 1-0 advantage heading into the sixth inning but the Cat's offense brought in three runs in the inning to hold a 3-1 lead into the bottom of the inning where Mapleton brought in two runs to tie the score at 3-3 heading into the seventh.

Neither team brought in any runs in the seventh so the game stretched into an eighth inning.

The Ladycats were the first to take the plate at the top of the inning.

The Cats rallied for four runs in the extra inning which the Mounties couldn't bounce back from.

Elise Chaffins took the win in the Circle and finished the night with three quick strikeouts to end the game in the bottom of the eighth.

She finished with one strikeout and one walk.

Chaffins also led at the plate with a double, a single, and two RBI's. Ashley Parr also brought in two RBI's in the win.

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