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Water Treatment Plant Feeling Financial Strain

SHELBY- Updates over the financial situation with the Water Treatment Plant were addressed during Thursday afternoon’s Streets and Utilities Committee meeting.

Director of Utilities John Ensman went over some updates in regards to the financial strain with the Water Treatment Plant. Ensman presented the projected extra expenses for chemicals, electric, and lab/miscellaneous.

For chemicals, Ensman explained the original budget was $195,000 and the amended budget was $50,000.......Read More

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Merchant Marine Proud Of His Service

SHELBY - Jim Brown and Harold Viers are the lone survivors in Shelby of Merchant Marine enlistees of World War II. Brown is proud he served his country and wrote a book about the Merchant Marine World War II Memorial that can be seen in downtown Shelby (west of Edward Jones office building).

Recently, Brown donated the book to Marvin Memorial Library to share with the residents of Shelby.

What is the Merchant Marine? It is the fleet of ships which carries imports and exports during peace time and becomes a naval auxiliary during wartime to deliver troops and war material......Read More

Distinguished W Presented To Six Alumni: Inaugural Induction The Start Of Future Honorees

Six alumni of Willard High School were inducted into the first class of the Distinguished W. The goal behind the award is to identify, recognize, celebrate and honor those alumni who have distinguished themselves through public service, academic achievement and professional contributions which serve to enhance the prestige and excellence of the Willard City School District.

According to Jeff Ritz, superintendent of the Willard City Schools, the creation of the Distinguished W award was spearheaded by the Willard High School Teen Leadership Corp and Student Council members. The idea was to recognize alumni from their past as well as identify role models for current students to aspire to follow.....Read More

State Says Revolving Loan Funds To Be Dissolved Soon

New London administrator Shawn Pickworth told council Monday it appears that the state wants all Revolving Loan Funds (RLFs) dissolved in the near future.

He said earlier this year he applied for a $500,000 grant through the state to repair storm sewers and rebuild roads on New London Ave. and West Washburn St. The grant was denied but the village can apply again, but this time with strings attached.

The state will require the village to use all of its RLF money towards the project. Payments on any outstanding loans from the fund would then go into the village’s general fund. ....Read More

Traveling With Ellen And Mary Lou...Life At The Center Of The Earth

A trip to Ecuador and Peru by Ellen Simmons and Mary Lou Harris could be summed up in a few words, according to Simmons, “The trip of a lifetime,” she told the audience.

“The majority of our time was spent in Peru at Machu Pichu. We were also in a city for a day and spent four days in the Galapagos.

“The Galapagos is an archipelago of 200 islands, mostly uninhabited. It is where Charles Darwin traveled on the second voyage of the ship HMS Beagle.” according to island information, “He spent spent five weeks there and the Galapagos are well known for the species collections of Darwin.”......Read More

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