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Hancock Closes Up Doors After More Than A Century In Downtown Shelby

SHELBY- After serving the community of Shelby for over 100 years, the Hancock Agency is closing its doors.

Co-owner John Hancock explained the building was bought around 1907 and then following that the real estate/insurance business began.

“Grandpa (CJ) Laser had insurance, real estate, and stocks. He bought and sold all of the local stocks and then our dad, Win Hancock, went in around the 1930s. Then, it began Laser and Hancock and then we bought out our dad and then it became the Hancock Agency,” Hancock stated....Read More

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Cookbook Club Gets Into The Spirit Of Christmas

SHELBY- Guests gathered to bring some of their favorite dishes to the Christmas party held for the Cookbook Club at Marvin Memorial Library on Tuesday afternoon.

Marvin Memorial Employee and Organizer of the Cookbook Club Shelly Krystofik welcomed everyone in attendance. After a brief introduction, Krystofik had each person explain what they brought to the event. Typically for each Cookbook Club meeting there is a specific theme, however, for the Christmas party guests are encouraged to bring their favorite dishes along with a recipe to share.....Read More

Council Passes Legislation Making "J" Turns Into Parking Spaces Illegal: Penalties Will Be Minor Misdemeanors For Repeat Offenders

Drivers will no longer be able to legally make a “J” turn in the city shortly after the new year starts.

Members of Willard City Council unanimously adopted an ordinance on its final reading prohibiting drivers from turning left into a diagonal parking space with a change. The penalty for repeated offenses will not escalate but remain as minor misdemeanors.

Originally, the ordinance came before city council in November and calling for escalating penalties. The first offense would be a minor misdemeanor, the second offense within a year would move up to a fourth degree misdemeanor and any offense after that would be a third degree misdemeanor. A possible jail term is included in sentencing for a third or fourth misdemeanor, something council member Josh Gerber said he would not support....Read More

NL Council Approves Hiring Of Two Water/Sewer Dept. Employees

Two individuals will be hired for the village’s water/sewer department following approval of the move by New London Council members during Monday night’s meeting.

The request to hire was made by administrator Shawn Pickworth who noted regulations that are coming down the pike by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency are the reason for the new hires. “We have to have at least two new crews just to keep up.” He noted the department needs to have someone trained to that particular job.

Council member Stuart Cooke asked if the positions were being added because there are some retirements in the department coming? “This is some succession planning,” Pickworth stated, but emphasized the new regulations from EPA are the main reason.......Read More

Christmas Kisses At Open House

Alpacas are becoming more popular on farms. They are a friendly animals and can be found at most county fairs. Some fairgrounds have dedicated a building for alpacas and llamas. Students and adults alike love the furry sociable animals.

One adult who got her start with alpacas at Richland County Fair, now has an alpaca farm. Recently, Julie Myers, owner of the Thornapple Hill farm located south of Shelby, put her alpacas Marz and White Socks on her covered porch to protect them from the rain during their open house.

Myers said she cares about the farm‚s visitors as well as her dearly loved alpacas. She currently has 12 alpacas on the farm and enjoys each and everyone of them.....Read More

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