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Proclamation Shared With Children Service's Board

SHELBY- Mayor Steven Schag presented a proclamation for Child Abuse Prevention Month, while new business regarding junk vehicles was also discussed during Monday night’s regular city council meeting.

Schag explained in attendance for the proclamation was Brigitte Coles.

“She is a Community Engagement Specialist for the Children Service’s Board of Richland County. She is here on behalf of that board to receive the proclamation. Brigitte is a familiar face around the Richland County area, so we are delighted that she is making a big impact with the Richland County Children Services,” Schag stated...Read More

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Publishing Practices Debated

SHELBY- Lengthy discussions were had over the publishing of ordinances during the regular city council meeting on Monday night.

As Ordinance No. 6-2018 was presented, which states to authorize clerk of council to publish ordinances, resolutions, or sufficient summaries thereof, in accordance with the language in section 17 of the charter of the city of Shelby and ORC section 731.21, Councilman Steve McLaughlin explained what future plans could look like.

“We would continue to publish our legislation in the local newspaper as summaries, in addition we will post the entire legislation to the city website as well as having hard copies available at City Hall and the Utilities Office,” McLaughlin stated....Read More

PTG Questions Withholding Field Trips For Fees

If a child owes school fees should they still be allowed to go on a field trip? That was the question put to the members of the Willard Board of Education by Mandy Thompson, president or vice president of the Willard Elementary School for the last 11 years.

When the PTG got a check that was written for a recent third grade field trip, Thompson said the amount was “much less than it should have been.”

“We then realized that kids weren’t allowed to go because school fees weren’t paid,” she explained. “I was just curious...Read More

There's A New Coach In Town

There is a new coach in town and Kemmes Keys told New London’s Rotary Club, he loves a challenge and he is up to the task of working as part of the team and making New London proud.

Keys has joined New London Local Schools as its high school football coach.

Sharing his vision for both the Wildcat football program and where he sees them going as a community he said, “I believe those two things go hand in hand.

His primary goal as the football coach is to develop outstanding student athletes. And the plan to accomplish it is simple. “Provide them with positive, motivating encouragement to always be excellent in whatever they do. That will be stressed every single day that they be the best young man they can possibly be....Read More

Firelands' Brothers Run Maple Syrup Operation

Oren and Zane Zvorak know a lot about making maple syrup because they have been running their own sugar bush for the last two years.

Today, maple syrup operations are relatively rare, and what makes this situation particularly interesting is that Oren is 17 and Zane is 15, making what they have accomplished quite remarkable.

Not too many years ago, a farmer might run his own sugar bush for syrup for his family and to share with neighbors and friends. Some even sold the syrup and continued the operations year after the year during the late winter when they were not busy in the fields.

As the family farm became less common, however, many of the maple syrup operations disappeared. Today, many people can only find real maple syrup in in a supermarket or maybe a specialty shop....Read More

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