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Locals Enjoy Lower Gas Prices

SHELBY - Gas prices in Shelby continue to drop this week, going from $1.52 per gallon on Wednesday down to $1.46 per gallon Thursday afternoon.  After checking in with area residents, it’s obvious the drop in prices is a bright spot for most people.

Tammy McBee says when gas prices are lower she goes to visit her mom more often which is a happy thing. “She lives in Warren, Ohio. If all six of our kids come with me I need to take our 12-passenger van which doesn’t get as good of gas mileage as our smaller van,” McBee said.

She says her husband Brad is the one who fills up all the family vehicles. “If prices are low he makes sure to top off all the tanks.” The McBees even utilize an app on their smartphone to track gas prices...Read More

Local Headlines

Meetings In Jackson To Stay The Same

JACKSON TWP - The time and day of the meetings were established to remain the same during Monday night’s regular Jackson Township meeting.

Trustee Mark Wright explained discussion had previously taken place during the regular meeting on January 18 about changing the day meetings are held...Read More

State Mandating Consolidated 9-1-1

With state mandates calling for 9-1-1 operations to consolidate within Huron County, Willard City Manager Shawn Tappel said a number of meetings have been held to see what the best option will be for emergency dispatching.

“What looks like the best option is to consolidate all dispatching to try to alleviate a financial burden on everyone,” Tappel told members of Willard City Council. “If we must consolidate 9-1-1, and it must be staffed to state regulations, then we must look at consolidating all dispatching to be prudent.”...Read More

Teen Challenge Offers Faith-Based Hope

Heroin arrived in Huron County in 1997, according to Sheriff Dane Howard, and in 2001 the county was identified as a county in crisis.

Howard told the LIFE (Living in Freedom Everyday) support group gathered at the Missionary Alliance Church in Willard, “We began seeing our first deaths from heroin early. In 1999 we saw a significant number of deaths. Every death is significant,” he pointed out, “but there were more and more drug related in 1999...Read More

Shelby FFA Hosts Leadership Seminar

The Shelby FFA chapter held a leadership night recently with eight schools in attendance. The schools that attended were: Clearfork, Upper Sandusky, Riverdale, Willard, Plymouth, Crestview, Colonel Crawford and Shelby.

Two state FFA officers were guest speakers that talked about how to become better leaders and make a lasting impact in our community by teaching the students to amplify their impact which is also this year’s National FFA theme. After the program members had the opportunity to meet students from other FFA chapters by playing dodgeball, euchre, and cornhole. A taco bar was set up for refreshments...Read More

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