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Exterior Property Maintenance Is A Priority For The City

SHELBY- The City of Shelby is gearing up to make the community look welcoming to residents and visitors this summer.

One way the administration is working toward making the community look appealing is through exterior property maintenance.

Project Coordinator Joe Gies explained one of the main issues the city faced every year during the warmer months involved residents mowing their grass.

“We always have issues with some residents and their yards. The grass is allowed to get up to eight inches. It used to be where a certified letter was sent out and that can take quite a while. So now, they just go out and post it and then they have 48 hours to get it cut. If it is not cut, then we come and do it,” Gies said...Read More

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Ohio Farm Bureau Funds Richland County Farm To Plate Program

RICHLAND‚ÄąCOUNTY - The Ohio Farm Bureau has funding opportunities for local programming in different program areas, both as grants prior to the events, and achievement awards to recognize outstanding programs recently completed.

The Richland County Farm to Plate program is in the Grow and Know focus area, which is outreach and education. The 2017 Farm to Plate series was awarded 1st Place in the state achievement award at the Ohio Farm Bureau Annual Meeting and also received a bonus for future programming.

On five Saturday mornings throughout the summer, local chefs demonstrated how to prepare and cook produce and meats found in the local farmers' market where the event was held. Because family hunger is a prominent issue in Richland County, Farm to Plate was developed as a way to help the community and support the farmers' market while educating consumers by providing healthy recipes they could afford to make with produce fresh from their own garden or local suppliers....Read More

Greenwich Hires New Police Officer

The Village of Greenwich has a new police officer. Grant Lifer was sworn in on Monday, June 4 and was introduced to village council members by Greenwich Police Chief Steve Dorsey.

Lifer said he graduated from Ashland High School and was born and has lived in Ashland all of his life.

“I just graduated from the police academy this spring,” he noted. “This is an excellent place to start my police career. I look forward to serving this community.”

Dorsey, who teaches at the police academy, said Lifer was one of his cadets...Read More

M.E.S.A. Ride A Bike, Safe A Life

Kurt Anderson, a member of the Elyria Sunrise Rotary Club said there are two clubs in Elyria who were responsible for starting the annual Medical Equipment and Supplies Abroad (M.E.S.A.) ride which began in 2005.

This year’s ride was completed with a stop in New London on Tuesday for lunch with members of the New London Rotary Club at the Hileman Building in Recreation Park.

The annual rides started out partly for fun and because it was a way of raising funds for the district’s Rotary International project M.E.S.A....Read More

Cow Genetic Testing Helps Farmers Develop Herds

For almost everyone, milk is milk-it comes out of cows but is most often found in the dairy case at the supermarket or convenience store. Most people consume it with no problems, but for others it can cause unpleasant digestion issues.

These issues have motivated some people to switch to goat’s milk, soy or other artificial milk or just avoid milk altogether. Today, however, there is another alternative that is just starting to gain popularity.

Milk is a good source of protein, of course, and one of these proteins is called beta casein, which makes up about 30 percent of the protein in the milk. A1 and A2 are two variations of beta casein, differing by just one amino acid....Read More

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