Vandalism At Park Properties

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY- Parks Superintendent Jerry Marshall provided his monthly report which included vandalism on park properties during Monday night’s regular Park Board meeting.

Marshall explained Shelby Parks went into winter shutdown during February, however, that didn’t stop vandals.

“Vandals spray painted the south and north sides of our garage and at the pool bathhouse. We pulled our security tape and identified four kids that appear to have been involved on February 10,” Marshall stated. “We later learned of a problem with four kids on the Boulevard and on Second Street. After talking to the police we learned that four kids had been caught and charged from the Second Street issue.”

Marshall said the thumb drive from the City Parks were turned over to the police.

“The parks and I completed a form for Juvenile Court for a hearing later in March,” Marshall said.

When the high winds occurred at the end of February, Marshall explained some damage was done.

“Shingles were blown off the pool bathhouse into the pool. Winds also brought down many limbs including a very large one at McBride Park that just missed the concession stand,” Marshall said.

As spring is extremely close, Marshall added park employees would be getting back to work as weather would allow.

“Our first task is of limb and trash pickup. Other start up tasks are weather dependent, such as turning on water. That usually doesn’t happen until toward the end of March,” Marshall said.

Moving forward, Park Board members also discussed park and pool employee wages for 2019-2020. Park Board members made the motion to change the Seltzer Pool Manager pay scale to $12 per hour with all other employees getting a three percent increase in wage unless that surpasses the maximum of their pay scale amount. Park board members unanimously approved the motion.

Following discussion, board members entered into executive session to discuss the wage scale for Marshall. After coming out of executive session, it was later reported by Finance Director Dr. Steve Lifer that Marshall received a four percent raise.

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