Paving, Charging Stations Addressed

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY- Street paving and potential electric vehicle charging stations were discussed during Thursday’s Utilities and Streets Committee meeting.

Director of Utilities John Ensman explained the Street and Sidewalk levy was collecting about $400,000-$450,000 per year.

“The 2019 street paving list is nearing completion with budgeting for $750,000 of paving. More funds are available in 2019 due to the 2018 paving bid being rejected because the bid came in over the engineer’s estimate,” Ensman stated.

The paving list was being based on several factors including street survey and analysis report, vehicle traffic, strategic planning, and available funds.

Ensman added the administration was crafting a five year paving schedule.

“The 2019 street paving project legislation will be presented to council in the first quarter of 2019. Funds will need to be in the temporary budget and we will plan to go out for bid in February or March,” Ensman stated.

Regarding paving projects, Ensman explained West Morningside Drive had been completed, however, Bradley Avenue was not quite finished.

“The pavement was milled and shortly thereafter, the temperature turned from warm to cold which did not allow the contractor to pave the road. The contractor needed the road temperature above 55 degrees for the asphalt to be laid and rolled properly,” Ensman said. “The paving contractor has made tolerable, temporary repairs to the area until the asphalt companies open back up in the spring and the street can be paved.”

Moving ahead, Ensman discussed the potential for electric vehicle charging stations. Ensman explained requests had been received for a centralized electric vehicle charging station.

“As electric vehicles become more popular, charging stations are in need to supply the electricity. An electric vehicle charging station puts Shelby on the map and could be good for downtown economic development,” Ensman said.

Ensman added the site location for the station would be in the municipal parking lot behind City Hall off of Water Street.

“ChargePoint Industries has the electric vehicle charging stations. The stations can be leased or purchased and they can be a single charge port or a dual charge port,” Ensman said.

Ensman presented different options which were available for the charging stations and explained further discussions would be had about the issue.

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