Ply-Shi Tackles Packed Agenda

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

PLYMOUTH - Superintendent Dr. James Metcalf and Treasurer Brenda Schwamberger presented their recommendations before the Plymouth-Shiloh Board of Education during the regular meeting on Monday evening.

President of the board Tom Miller explained a date, time, and place for the organizational meeting and regular meeting for the first of the year needed to be established. Metcalf suggested the date of Monday, January 12 at 5:30 p.m. The regular board meeting would follow after the organizational meeting and the location would be at the board office. The board unanimously approved the date, time, and place of both meetings.

Moving forward, the board also approved Miller to serve as President Pro-Tem at the organizational meeting.

In addition, the board also unanimously approved the revised salary schedules for the 2014-2015 school year.

"The reason for this is because we have salaries that would be under the new minimum wage law. We ask that you adjust this, it doesn't effect any of the salaries of those that are already on (minimum wage law), but for those schedules that are below the minimum wage, it will bring them up," Metcalf explained.

Metcalf presented his recommendations to be approved by board, which included approving the resignation of elementary teacher Patricia Jackson due to retirement effective on May 31, 2015.

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mrs. Patricia Jackson on her years of service to the district. We are going to be sad that she is leaving, but she felt it was time. I am happy for her, but it will be a loss for all of us here in the district," Metcalf shared.

Metcalf's recommendations also included approving a degree change for Janelle Grube from MA+15 to MA+30, effective on February 1, 2015 and Jason Martin from BA+30 to MA, also effective on February 1, 2015.

In addition, Metcalf also recommended approving Laura Donnersbach and Mandy Sanders to the classified sub list. The board unanimously approved all Metcalf's recommendations.

In other business, Metcalf explained during the regular meeting of January he wanted the board to approve Metropolitan Educational Transfer Cooperative (METC) contract.

"We use it for milk and bread. We use it to purchase items that we don't have to do our own bidding for. The reason being is we put in the five year forecast for a bus. We would like to use the bus bids that are coming through METC. There is a substantial savings by using this rather than going out and doing this on our own. We would like to ask you to approve that in January," Metcalf shared.

Moving forward, Schwamberger presented her recommendations which included approving the minutes from the previous regular meeting of November and approving the monthly expenditures and financial reports. The monthly expenditures for the month of November totaled $907,385.02. The board unanimously approved Schwamberger's recommendations.

Schwamberger also requested the board approve Bring Learning to Life grant from Farm Credit in the amount of $445.

In other business, Schwamberger reported the district is waiting on a health insurance renewal.

"We actually had a very healthy year and we are waiting on some finalization of those numbers. It looks like we will be getting a reduction in the premium and we are excited about that," Schwamberger explained.

Metcalf added his thoughts to the health insurance topic.

"In all the years that I have ever done this here or in other places, I have never seen a reduction. It is a testament to our staff and what they have done," Metcalf shared.

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