Septic System Updates Provided to Utilities Committee Members

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY - During the Utilities and Streets Committee on Thursday afternoon, John Ensman, deputy director of public service, explained to the committee about septic system updates and upcoming procedures.

"Joe Gies attended a meeting on April 3 and gave us an update on the septic systems. The Ohio Department of Health convened a Rule Advisory Committee in October 2010 and they met monthly to draft rules from December 2010 to October 2012," said Ensman.

First Draft Rules were posted starting December 20, 2012- March 1,2013 and were available for public comment. A Second Draft Rules were posted November 2013, also available for public comment. "Currently the Ohio Department of Health is proposing an effective date for the new rules of January 1, 2015. As we move into these new rules, it is interesting for the city because we currently have 58 septic systems within corporation limits. With the new rules, the city health department will be involved and will inspect the septic systems for proper operation," said Ensman.

Ensman indicated a future meeting will need to be scheduled with the city health department in regards to discussing and implementing the updated standards.

In regards to the Sanitary Sewer Capital Improvement Fund, Ensman stated there is currently ordinance number 32-2010, which is the Sanitary Sewer Capitol Improvement Surcharge (monthly charge), which expires in August 2014.

"Our annual revenue is projected at $270,000 with the average of $22,500 monthly. Those are some of the break downs that we currently have. We have residential at $5, residential low income senior citizen customers is $3.50, commercial customers with $6, and industrial customers at $7," said Ensman.

Ensman projected the Fund Balance for the end of August would be $534,500. "We have some expenditure in there with the digester lid at the Waste Water Treatment Plant in the process of being replaced comes at a cost of $373,200 and other expenses at $9,500. We have a loan for the 18 million gallon retention pond and muffin monster with two payments. One payment is due in July 2014 and the other January 2015 with a combined of $191,893. We will have a deficit of $40,093 estimated at the end of January 2015," said Ensman.

Ensman also noted the future upgrade of the Waste Water Treatment Plant. Bob Lafferty, finance director of the city, explained details regarding the upgrades to the plant. "This will be the fund if we go forward and remodel the Waste Water Treatment Plant, this is where we finance from with that charge. We would have to go back into legislation again and either change the current legislation or get new legislation for the amount," said Lafferty.

"Right now, I would hope we could amend that piece of legislation and carry it on through the year to December 2014 just to cover this deficit. We would have a little bit in that fund balance. Any capital improvements done at the plant is where that money will come from," said Lafferty.

Lafferty explained a solution will have to be met in regards to where the funds will come from . "We will have to pay part of the digester out of some other fund if we don't extend this fund balance. In the future, we will probably need new legislation as we determine what kind of project we want to get into with the remodel. We will present that at the next utility meeting. We are currently working on it," said Lafferty.

Councilman Nathan Martin agreed to sponsor the extension of the legislation through December 2014. "The next committee meeting we will go over options that will be more long term," said Martin.

Councilwoman Pat Carlisle presented the committee with information regarding reservoir three. "One of my residents called me. She exercises avidly and does inline skating. She goes around reservoir three many times. She said the walking path around reservoir three is getting very vicarious for small wheeled objects," said Carlisle. Ensman stated the problem would be examined.

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