Two Jackson Township Trustees Named

Daily Globe News Editor

JACKSON TOWNSHIP - Paul Carriere and Gaylord Rice, Jr. were appointed as the new Jackson Township Trustees on Friday night.

Rice and Carriere were appointed as Jackson Township Trustees through the Richland County Probate Court after former Trustees Steve Schumacher, Harv Traxler, and Larry Diebley resigned from their positions earlier in the month. Carriere and Rice will later appoint the third trustee.

Shelby Municipal Court Judge Jon Schaefer addressed the two gentlemen and began the process of swearing them in. Once paper work was signed and completed, it was official. Schaefer congratulated the two men on their new positions with the township.

"Congratulations gentlemen, I know you have got a big job to do. I am sure you are very capable of doing it and you have the support of these people and will be glad to help you. Don't ever be afraid to ask for help," Schaefer stated.

Township Fiscal Officer, Cindy Friebel, explained the meeting would move forward by requesting nominations for chairman and vice chairman. Rice nominated Carriere for the chairman position and Carriere accepted. The motion was passed unanimously. Carriere nominated Rice for vice chairman and Rice accepted. The motion was passed unanimously.

Carriere explained why he wanted to become a trustee for the township.

"I bought and read the Ohio Township Trustee Sourcebook and I thought it was interesting and it didn't seem too complexed," he said. "I thought that it was my time to step up and do something for the community. I have done a lot of public service through my church. I have an empty nest now with all my children being moved out and now I have the time and it just seemed like the right time to do something for my community."

Carriere also shared what he is most looking forward to about his new position.

"I want to restore people's faith in the township because I had heard from a lot of people over the last several months that they were encouraged by the activities we were doing to try and make some changes. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the past administration and it was important to me to try and make that change," Carriere stated.

Rice expressed what he believes he can bring as a trustee for the township.

"I followed the hardship of the township as everyone else has and I felt with my past employment history that I would be a good fit as a township trustee," Rice stated.

Currently, Rice is the Zoning Administrator for the city of Mansfield and is also the manager of the Building, Codes, and Permits Department of Mansfield.

"I felt my experience could help out and I think Paul (Carriere) has his strong suits that will help out as well," Rice said.

Rice also explained what he is looking forward to in regards to being a trustee.

"I am looking forward to moving the township ahead. We (Carriere and Rice) don't think things have been handled exactly the way they should have been in the past years," he said. "We are going to go by the manual and by what other townships in Ohio do. We want to bring the trust back to the citizens of Jackson Township."

In addition, both Rice and Carriere thanked Road Superintendent Kurt Stumbo, Zoning Inspector Greg Vogt, and Friebel for all of their contributions they have made to the township.

After being sworn in, Rice and Carriere unanimously passed motions to approve purchase orders and to pay the vouchers, along with passing a motion unanimously for Friebel to look into changing locks on the doors of the township building and allowing Friebel to look into estimates for other security measures for the building.

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