PCTC Dinner Honors Partner Schools

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY- Pioneer Career and Technology opened their doors and welcomed their 14 partner schools to come and celebrate the 46th Annual All Board Member/Administrator Dinner on Wednesday night.

Pioneer Superintendent Greg Nickoli recognized both past and present Pioneer staff members, the 14 partner schools, and their representatives who were in attendance at the event. Representing Shelby City Schools included Mike Grady and student Dakoda Ginter.

Grady is on the Pioneer Board of Education as the representative of Shelby and Ginter is a student at Pioneer studying masonry.

Nickoli expressed the program for the evening was designed to put a central focus around the dedication and hard work of the students at Pioneer.

"Tonight, I want us to really celebrate our students and all of their hard work they put in every single day," Nickoli stated.

During Nickoli's presentation, some of the main events were highlighted in order to draw recognition towards the students.

"Every year at Pioneer, August brings us Welcome Week. We start the year off with a three day open house where students can take care of obligations and also tour the building to meet their teachers," Nickoli said. "The most exciting thing that can happen is they also meet new friends. It is just such a rewarding time of year."

Nickoli also made note of Grandparents and Senior Citizens Day as well as Community Service Day.

"Last fall also brought us one of our most rewarding events, Community Service Day. Nearly 1,000 high school students and over 100 staff members stayed in the home communities working on projects for non-profit organizations, churches, parks, and school grounds," Nickoli stated.

Nickoli also highlighted Pioneer visiting with eighth grade students during November.

"Your middle school students make trips to Pioneer when Mr. (Jim) Sorenson, career development coordinator, sets up tours of each lab. They only get to spend typically a few minutes in each lab, but they get an overview of everything that goes on here. Many times, this is where students decide if Pioneer is the right choice for them," Nickoli said.

Nickoli discussed the senior projects each student works on and also made a special note of Pioneer's Mock Crash every year. Nickoli also expressed how staff and students celebrate Student Appreciation Day before the students go on summer break.

Throughout the evening, each partner school had a student who was representing them with a table top display of the respected field the student studies.

Nickoli called Sorenson up to the stage to provide a brief background on the table top displays.

"The table top displays is a tradition here at Pioneer that goes back about 25 years. It is fascinating to work with these students in this way because it is amazing to see how quickly they become experts in their field. Every day I learn new things from these students and it really is fascinating," Sorenson stated.

Sorenson encouraged guests to visit a couple different tables to get an idea of how much knowledge each student had in their field of study.

Before dinner was served, Nickoli called a few special guests from Pioneer's Preschool class to join them on stage in order to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

"These students have been practicing that for weeks and they all did an outstanding job," Nickoli expressed.

Director of Operations Kris Kowalski also acknowledged all guests attending the dinner, which included a special recognition to Instructor Chef Seth Wiebel and the Culinary Arts students for preparing the dinner as well as Horticulture Instructor Sandra Grau and her students for designing the centerpieces on the tables.

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