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Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY- Special committees presented their reports and legislation was passed during Monday night's regular council meeting.

Council member Pat Carlisle provided a brief recap of the Finance and Personnel Committee which met on Monday afternoon.

During her report Carlisle explained the General Fund had a cash balance of $588,548 with encumbrances of $210,443.

"Everyone was reminded of the $250,000 transfer to the General Fund at the end of 2014. It was noted that the increase of General Fund wages here today is primarily due to retirement pay outs for three employees," Carlisle stated.

Carlisle reported there were three pay rolls due in July with each pay period approximately $90,000.

The total income tax receipts are up by 15.6 percent, Carlisle stated.

Regarding the Water Fund 500, Carlisle explained expenses exceeded revenues by $2,464 and in the Electric Fund 600 revenue exceeded expenses by $1,074,609.

Carlisle also reported Chief of Police Lance Combs informed the committee the actual costs for prisoner housing and medical costs were much higher than it was originally projected when the Justice Center was planned.

"Several cost saving methods are in place, but not enough to offset the increase in the average sentence per prisoner. In 2012, it was about 6.8 days per prisoner and in 2015 it is looking like it is 14.9 days per prisoner. Legislation to increase budgeted expenditures for prisoner housing and prisoner medical costs will be forth coming in and on August 3," Carlisle said.

Carlisle also shared Deputy Director of Public Service John Ensman informed the committee someone has been found to fill the open position of a lineman with the Line Department for the city.

Council member Derrin Roberts presented his report regarding the Safety Committee which met on July 7.

Roberts explained Fire Chief Mike Thompson stated he was expecting information for billing squad runs on July 8 and also on July 8, two volunteer firefighters were sworn into their positions.

Also in Roberts report, he explained the Health Department will send out newsletters to septic system stake holders.

Roberts also reported on the concern of the animal ordinance.

"Several citizens took part in public comment and there was a lot of information discussed. The meeting was very productive and we are one step closer to remedying this issue. The next Safety Committee will be on August 4 at 3:30 p.m. The location is still to be determined," Roberts stated.

Regarding legislation, ordinance 16-2015 which stated proposing an amendment to section 52 of the charter of the city of Shelby and submits such proposed amendment to the electors was passed by council.

Ordinance 27-2015 which stated accepting and confirming for dedication to the public use the utilities, street, and/or roadways of Black Fork Commons and declaring an emergency also was passed by council.

Three resolutions regarding the storm sewer project on Broadway were discussed and passed by council.

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