Building Updates Discussed

Daily Globe Staff Reporter

SHELBY - Building updates were a main topic of discussion during Monday afternoon’s Public Works and General Operations Committee meeting.

Project Coordinator Joe Gies explained to the committee the appraisal for the car wash property on Mansfield Avenue had not been received to date.

“I have not gotten the appraisal back yet and it is getting a little frustrating,” Gies said. “This is in reference to both Mohican Street and the car wash property. I tried to call them right before the meeting and I have not gotten an answer yet, but I will keep at it.”

As far as external property maintenance, Gies explained the city has been busy.

“21 East Whitney was just acquired by the Richland County Land Bank, so that will soon go through the process of getting demolished,” he said “As far as the property on Summit, the contracts have been awarded and we have to set up a date of when that will be finished. With the property on Elm Street, the health department now owns that. We have to get the contract together and it is moving along.”

154 West Main Street was also in the process of being acquired by the land bank, Gies added.

“It might take a little bit longer for that one, but it will be another eye sore gone in the city,” Gies stated.

With floodplain management, Gies explained he would be attending the state wide conference on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Mayor Steven Schag added when Gies is attending the state wide conference, he will receive an award for his work he has accomplished with floodplain management.

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