Letter Of Intent Brought Before Council

SHELBY- Legislation matters concerning a letter of intent with AEP Onsite Partners, LLC and other city issues were presented during the regular city council meeting held on Monday night.

Council members heard Resolution No. 24-2019 which stated to authorize the mayor as director of public service to enter into a letter of intent with AEP Onsite Partners, LLC for a photovoltaic electric generation facility feasibility analysis.

Councilman Garland Gates explained he knew Mayor Steven Schag and Director of Utilities John Ensman had put a lot of time into the topic. Representatives from AEP were present at the meeting and Gates went over some of his concerns with both the representatives and Ensman.

Ensman went over the different locations being discussed.

“The due diligence was there by AEP to go through the feasibility study to look at our property at Waste Water Treatment Plant, the 16 acres in the front. We decided at that point from an administration side to hold off. Now we have the Waste Water Treatment Plant property still being looked at and we are also looking at a piece of property at the State Street area as well,” Ensman said.

Ensman added before the city council meeting, he was able to take the AEP representatives to both of the site locations.

“Both sites are very good, but the State Street property is probably more favorable just due to the location of the substation which is very close,” Ensman said.

After discussions, the resolution passed through city council members.

In other legislation, Resolution No. 21-2019 was presented which stated to authorize the mayor to enter into a sales agreement for the sale of the metal building previously used by the Shelby City Fire Department and to deposit the proceeds into the General Fund.

After discussions, the resolution passed through city council members.

Resolution No. 26-2019 was also presented which stated to thank the 15 American Municipal Power, Inc. member communities for their mutual aid response to the City of Shelby following the tornado.

The 15 communities included: City of Bryan, City of Cuyahoga Falls, City of Galion, City of Hillsdale, Michigan, City of Hudson, Village of Jackson Center, City of Napoleon, City of Oberlin, City of Orrville, Village of Pioneer, City of Piqua, Village of Plymouth, City of Tipp City, City of Wadsworth, and City of Westerville.

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