Council Discusses Garbage Ordinance

Daily Globe News Editor

SHELBY - Discussion was held during the Monday night City Council meeting concerning an amendment to the garbage ordinance as well as an ordinance transferring appropriations to ensure there is enough money in the line item for court officer wages.

Councilman Harold Shasky introduced an ordinance to amend a section of the garbage ordinance which would define what is considered an acceptable trash receptacle to place at the curb for garbage pickup.

"The reason I am doing this is because I had a resident stop in my office and they were telling me they were told they couldn't put garbage bags at the curb even 24 hours before their pickup day," Shasky said. "They said this came from the police department."

Shasky said he called the police department and talked to the same dispatcher the resident talked to and the dispatcher said it was true, that residents have to have their trash in the curb in a secured container as that is what the city ordinance reads.

"I kind of chuckled because half this town would be getting a ticket for having their trash out at the curb in a bag," Shasky said. "I said, 'well I guess we can fix this.' So this is the attempt to fix this."

Shasky said the ordinance was changed to read that a 'secured container' could also include bags designed for trash and garbage.

"So the definition is including bags designed for trash?" asked Councilmember Steve Schag.

"Yes," Shasky said.

"I've been looking around a little bit at what other municipalities are doing and it does seem in their definitions that bags... they often times place a capacity on them like 33 gallon and 55 gallon on some of these instances," Schag said.

"I do have some questions that need to get answered yet, but as is my custom, when there is a reasonable reason to do so, I like to try and give everything a first reading to get the discussion going and to hear from our constituents. So I will be voting (yes) tonight on this ordinance." Schag said.

During discussion of the ordinance to transfer appropriations to the Court Officer Wages line item, Finance Director Bob Lafferty said, "as you can see in court probation fund we have been in the hole this entire year.

"That is where we have, in the past, paid the wages for our court probation the recent past that is," Lafferty further explained. "I did not put enough money in the court officers wages in the general fund to cover this year. That's why I'm moving more money into that so we can cover the wages there. That line item is negative and we're trying to cover the wages for the rest of the year in the court probation fund."

Council went onto approve the ordinance as an emergency measure to transfer $5,000 out of the Court Hospitalization line item and $1,200 from the Assistant Judge Wages line item into the Court Officer Wages line item.

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