New Willard Fire and Rescue Squad Features Power Lift Cot

By Jane Ernsberger
Times-Junction News Editor

Willard Fire and Rescue has a new ambulance that has some of the most up-to-date equipment to help both a victim and an EMT.

Capt. Max Helton brought the new squad to a recent meeting of Willard City Council. The squad was purchased with a grant from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. The City of Willard paid just 25-percent of the cost.

The new squad has a Stryker power cot with lift assist. The lift can hold up to 700 pounds, Helton noted. It is raised and lowered automatically, making it easier for EMT’s.

“The cot is going to save a lot of backs,” Helton pointed out. “Sometimes if a patient is heavy, it’s hard to lift them with just two people.”

According to Willard Fire Chief Joe Reiderman, the squad was originally a part of the 2015 budget. He said they were able to postpone the purchase so the city could do some additional road work.

“It’s got some nice features,” noted Helton. “It’s Ohio built.”

Inside the back of the squad, one of the seats will convert to a child safety seat. There is also a HOPS safety restraint system for the jump seats. Helton said EMT’s can be buckled into a safety harness but still have the needed mobility to treat patients inside the squad.

“We try not to do more than two patients at a time in the squad,” Helton pointed out. “But people can also sit on the benches if we have to take more.”

The set up inside the new ambulance is mostly the same as in the other squads. Helton said this way, when an EMT is working, the needed equipment is readily accessible.

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