City Salt Bins Full, Ready For Winter


By Jane Ernsberger
Times-Junction News Editor

With temperatures in the 90s, the City of Willard has its eyes on the upcoming winter. City manager Jim Ludban told members of council the salt bins are full.

“We have contracted for this season’s salt supply,” he said, “with an increase of approximately $13 a ton over last year. (It is) well below the $100 a ton we paid several years ago.”

Ludban told council the concrete work has been completed on Spring Street. Sealing is also done. The final coat of asphalt should be put down this week.

“That essentially completes that project,” he pointed out. “I am aware that there have been social media postings critical of the progress and extent of the Spring Street project.

“Weather, contractor scheduling and other factors affect all projects,” Ludban explained. “When completed, the contractor will be well within the contract time. Still, we do apologize for any inconvenience.”

The in-house pavement and grinding project is also done for the year.

“We repaired a leak of the 10-inch water main located on State Route 598 near Neal Zick Road,” Ludban said. “The repair required interrupting the flow to Plymouth. We coordinated the repair with them, allowing them to max out their storage before we began the repair.”

The temperature at the reservoir has reached the upper 70s. Some new algal activity has been detected, according to the city manager.

“Consequently, we have applied the second, lighter dose to the reservoir. This past two week’s rain has resulted in the lagoon level increasing. The wastewater plant has caught up and reduced the lagoon water level to nearly empty.”

The city is reviewing plans from Trilogy Health Services for a scaled back independent living complex on the south side of Neal Zick Road. Ludban said the plan will require one or two variances.

“We have had the first meeting with the three selected engineering firms that are assisting us in the evaluation, recommendations and alternatives for the water treatment and reservoir improvement project,” Ludban told council. “This is also the first step that will enable us to assess and narrow the scope of a recommendation that we will provide for your consideration.

“Code enforcement has responded to 50 zoning and property maintenance violations this period,” he added. “Additionally, 11 permits were issued. The value of construction (and) improvements for the permits issued in 2018 is in excess of $.27 million.”

The Flags of Honor Foundation has suggested an area of the park for an event scheduled for next year. Ludban said it will encompass much of the area between the depot and the concert pavilion. City workers will soon start the preparation of the site.

Council adopted a resolution to create the Military Memorial Fund to account for the revenue and expenses associated with hosting the Ohio Flags of Honor Memorial and other events and projects associated with honoring local service men and women.

In legislative matters, members of council did the following:

- Fave final reading to an ordinance establishing a speed limit on Conwell Avenue inside the city;

- Gave first reading to an ordinance amending Section 1139.09 of the codified ordinances regarding storage of vehicles, and

- Adopted a resolution accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the Budget Commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them to the county auditor.

Council gave first reading to an ordinance regarding driveway specifications. The ordinance, according to the city manager, will permit, in limited circumstances, the installation of stone driveways in residential zones.

“We have developed an engineering standard for stone driveways,” Ludban explained. “We believe that this measure will benefit many of our citizens.”

Council accepted the following donations earmarked for the Clock Tower project:

- $200 cash from the Willard Area Historical Society and

- $400 from the sale of books.

Council accepted a donation of materials and labor from Chris Karl, a part-time firefighter. He has built rigging for a new ceremonial U.S. flag.

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