NL BOE Votes To Share Treasurer With Cloverleaf

By Ellen Simmons
Record Correspondent

In a surprise move Monday the New London Board of Education voted unanimously to share a treasurer with Cloverleaf Local Schools, effective Aug. 1, 2015 through July 31, 2018.

The district's current treasurer Sue Guthrie resigned the position in February, effective July 31, after serving in the position for four years.

The new treasurer, Jim Hudson, will work two and a half days a week in New London and will be paid $75,000. Board members said the move will save the district approximately $17,000 annually.

A number those in attendance questioned the advisability of the decision.

Former New London teacher and principal Mary Lou Harris called the move a "travesty".

Superintendent Brad Romano said the decision was not made quickly or lightly. "Board members visited other board meetings and spoke with other district treasurers," he said. "They really did their homework before coming to this decision."

Board member Kevin Babcock noted, there has been a push by state government to explore shared services.

"Schools are being encouraged to share services to help alleviate budget crises and sharing a treasurer is one way to do so,"

Board president Dominic Maiani said, "We cannot afford a full-time treasurer at the prices they are getting. It is a savings for us and we are getting a high quality individual."

During the public speaking portion of the meeting, New London Educator Association Co-President Amy Heller discussed the ongoing negotiations and said the concessions teachers are being asked to give are not fair. She pointed out many of the district's teachers are New London graduates and "New London isn't a stepping stone for us. We are here for the long haul."

Maiani stated, "There is fair and there is reality. We want to be fair to the kids and community. We have to try to keep cooler heads and do what's right for everybody."

T. J. Huston reviewed Epiphany Management Group's (EMG) work with the school's computers and other electronics. He listed a number of the achievements such as dealing with 700 staff questions and problems, adding additional WIFI infrastructure and recycling e-waste.

He commended Andrew Huffman, the on-site technician serving the staff, for his good work, as did several staff members.

A contract with EMG was renewed at a cost of $84,000 for next year. The cost remains the same as last year.

In other business the board approved the following agenda items:

• A contract for liability and property insurance from Schools of Ohio Risk Sharing Authority, effective July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016 at a cost of $54,011, an increase of $284.

• A motion to amend and file the updated Five-Year Forecast and assumptions with the state.

• A three-year proposal of $4,900 per year from Julian & Grube, Inc. for Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP) for GAAP Conversion Services and preparation of the district's basic financial statements for fiscal years 2015-2017.

• A increase of ten cents for school lunches in the fall to $2.25 for students in K-5, $2.50 for 6-12, $1.55 for breakfast and $2.75 for adult lunch.

• Payment to Carl's Complete Car Care for $4,276.53 for bus repair.

• Following approval of a five-year technology, board members issued a Notice of Intent to Terminate membership with North Coast Council, effective July, 2016. The council provides data storage for the district.

• A agreement with Andy Suvar to auctioneer a district sale of equipment and furnishings no lomger in use, tentatively scheduled for July 17.

• Renewal of a contract with thirtyseven4 for antivirus services from Oct. 31, 2015 through Nov. 1, 2018 at a cost of $1,058.

Boys and girls basketball camps June 23-25 in Hillsdale, MI nd July 13-15 in Adrian, MI respectively.

• Approved the interagency agreement between Early Head Start and Head Start, Lorain County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Lorain Local Education Agencies and Help Me Grow Early Intervention Services of Lorain County for children from birth to kindergarten.

• Approve renewal of membership in the Ohio High School Athletic Association and an amendment of the permanent appropriation was approved.

• The following donations were approved: $740 from the New London Athletic Boosters for wrestling, $50 from an anonymous donator for elementary support, $250 from Kris Dillon and family for the Bailey Scholarship, $105.15 from the elementary Parent Teacher Association (PTA) for Family Reading Night, $470 from Spencer Signs for track, $50 from Jim and Kim Eibel for the freshman class, $1,500 from Phyllis O'Reilly for the White-Ward Scholarship and $46 from Golden Agers for transportation.

• Board members expressed appreciation to the Village of New London for a donation of ground asphalt for the bus garage parking lot.

Board members approved the following personnel recommendations:

• Employment of Kathleen Frazier as director of student services from Aug. 1, 2015 through July 31, 2018 at a salary of $69,000 per year plus benefits.

• Kristi Ferguson, Marisa Flowers, Derek Phillips, Connie Deal and Dane Held were hired as temporary summer employees and Stacey Mulder, Carol Kiley, Burnette and Lacey Shepherd will be substitute summer classified employees.

• One year limited contracts were approved for Drew Karnehm, Dalton Phillips, Bradley Pickens, Samantha Qualich, Megan Riley and Elizabeth Ohm.

• Two year limited contracts were approved for Lisa Carbone, Deana Caudill, Jeanne Guerin, David Kamm, Erik Marschall and Julie Cordonnier.

• Three year limited contracts were approved for Nicole Stevens and Melissa Vorhies.

• Two year continuing contacts were approved for Laura Brady, Sara Smith, Lisa Wise, Kelly Bracken, Bill Schwinn, Kerry Gomez, Kristina Moffit and Tracey Swafford.

• A one year probationary contract approved for Betsy Pertner

• Supplemental positions approved for Dawn Luedy, Keith Landis, Phil Albaugh, Brad Pickens, Curtis McFarland, Jill Mitchell, Sarah Thomas, Patty Sendelbach, Vicki Trask, Rochelle Haswell, Susan Albaugh, Bobbi Hudberg, Heather VandenBroe, Lisa Carbone, Samantha Qualich, Dalton Phillips, Angie Farmer, Julie Cordonnier and Casey Held.

• Pupil Activity contacts approved for Jodi Hunter, Courtney Shepherd and Rhonda Killgrove.

• Sectional softball/baseball tournament umpires and site managers will be compensated at $65 per game and ticket takers/sellers $30.

Board members adjourned their regular meeting in favor of an executive session to discuss negotiations. There was no action taken following the closed door meeting.

New London's Board of Education meets regularly on the third Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the board office.

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