NL Grange Hosts Candidates Night

By Ellen Simmons
Special To The Record

Huron County Pomona Grange sponsored a candidates night Sept. 10 at the New London Grange Hall, with county auditor Roland Tkach, head of the Pomona Grange, serving as master of ceremonies.

Tkach discussed the 142-year history of the Grange and called it "a champion of rural American for many, many years." He described the auditor, for which he is running unopposed, as "the chief fiscal officer of the county," and he said there are many challenges ahead for the county. He also urged everyone in the audience to "spend your money in Huron County because that helps every one of us."

He then introduced Joe Hintz, Republican incumbent for Huron County Commissioner. Hintz said he is very involved in county matters and has good rapport with both state and federal officials. He added, "Although the country is in trouble, Huron County is holding its own. We have to live within our means."

Hintz' opponent is Dennis Stieber, a Democrat, who said the county needs leaders making good financial decisions, who plan for long-term budget needs such as maintenance and who provide good leadership. He said his 25 years working in the auditor's office as head of accounting and payroll "have given me a great deal of experience in county finances."

Next up, were the three candidates for the state representative's 57th district, who include incumbent Republican Terry Boose, Libertarian Robert Sherwin and Democrat Matt Lark.

Boose has served as state representative for six years and he stressed his experience and leadership while in office. He serves as vice chairman of three committees, and he said, "I know the complexity of Columbus. The key is you have to have a plan and know how the system works." He listed his experience as county commissioner, township fiscal officer and businessman and said he wants to continue to stay in office because, "I care about the area where I grew up."

Sherwin began by saying, "I'm not a politician." He disagreed that Ohio is recovering from the economic doldrums, pointing to the high rate of unemployment and lost revenue. He also criticized the "complex municipal tax codes" and called the workman's compensation system "a disaster." He wants to eliminate the state income tax and said, "It's time for the county to stop spending and start mending."

Lark outlined three priorities he wants to address, starting with the 50 percent drop in local government funds and the tax breaks going to the top one percent of earners. Second is money is going to for-profit charter schools that should be going to public schools and third is the "vicious problem" of heroin in the county. He added, "We need to make those dealers responsible for their actions and get kids hooked on outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing."

Neither District 13 senator Gayle Manning, Republican, nor her opponent Marcus Madison, Democrat, attended the event.

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