2014-2015 Smithville FFA Banquet

Outstanding members of the Smithville FFA Chapter were recognized, the past year in review was presented, and new officers were installed during the annual parent-member banquet.

The event was held recently in the high school cafetorium.

The 2014-2015 officer team was in charge of the opening ceremonies. The officer team consisted of President; Wyatt Baer, Vice President; Frank Becker, Secretary; Katie Hostetler, Treasurer; Wren Hostetler, Assistant Treasurer; Kolstin Hartzler, Reporter; Brielle Pyle, Sentinel; Jacob Studer, Student Advisor; John Kelbly.

Green Local Schools Superintendent Mrs. Judy Robinson spoke on behalf of the administration. High school principal Mr. Jason DeMassimo and Mr. Mrs. Reichenbach and the National Honors Society were recognized for serving the night's meal. Other guests at the banquet were the Norwayne and Triway FFA chapters, and many of our FFA alumni members. Mr. Jeff Gasser led our auction that raised over four thousand dollars to be used for WLC scholarships, college scholarships, and FFA camp scholarships.

This year's Greenhand Degree recipients are Daylea Durham, Leah Gochnauer, Sebastian Samayoa, Lindsey Richard, Katelyn Pumphrey, Nathan Smith, Willow Baer, Megan Baltic, Tommy Becker, Hunter Brown, Dreykota Crawford, Madison Lance, Emma Leway, James Rowe, Tommy Stewart, Brandon Sugg, and Kiersten Sugg. The pin worn by a greenhand recipient is made of bronze.

This year's Chapter Degree recipients are Annika Spurlock, Brett Bauman, Marisa Hartzler, Tristen Stoll, Jesse Stoller, Michael Thompson, Colton Martell, John Kelbly, Justin Luginbuhl, Shawn Mantovani, Tyler Patterson, Jacob Studer, Skylar Brookover, Chris Tomic, Keri Holmes, Gavin Brummage, Milagro Cantera, and Randy Vanlanen. The highest degree a chapter can bestow on a member is that of the silver Chapter Degree Pin.

Members that have completed three years of agriculture classes, also called Third Year Members, are Frank Becker, Emily Horst, Mattie Leway, Brielle Pyle, Grace Rhoads, Bristol Tope, and Ashley Welty.

Members that have completed four years of agriculture classes, also called Fourth Year Members, are Wyatt Baer, Kolstin Hartzler, Katie Hostetler, Wren Hostetler, Bobby Joyner, Matt Turner, and Dylan Unkefer.

This year we also had one member, Kolstin Hartzler, receive his State Degree. Kolstin worked with his SAE consisting of market ducks and job placement at Lowe & Young, was greatly involved in FFA, and will be earning his award at state convention in Columbus.

Participation in CDE's or career development events, gives the members an opportunity to practice what they have learned in the classroom and in job experiences. The junior and senior parliamentary procedure teams run a mock meeting following Robert's rules, which are used in business meetings and government meetings. Members of the junior parliamentary procedure team consisted of Maddie Lance, Willow Baer, Megan Baltic, Kiersten Sugg, Emma Leway, Tommy Becker, James Rowe, Tommy Stewart, and Brandon Sugg. The team placed 3rd at county. The senior parliamentary procedure team consisted of Kolstin Hartzler, Wyatt Baer, Katie Hostetler, Wren Hostetler, Jacob Studer, John Kelbly, Frank Becker, and Brielle Pyle.

This year we had two members participate in the Public Speaking CDE. Megan Baltic placed 6th at the district competition for creed speaking. Wren Hostetler wrote, memorized, and recited a speech entitled "Yogurt in High Demand", and placed 3rd at the district contest.

This year's Ag Sales team consisted of Willow Baer, Wren Hostetler, Wyatt Baer, and Frank Becker. They presented a mock sales presentation to judges, completed a customer relations practicum, and took a written test. The team placed 3rd at the district contest.

The Dairy Foods team consisted of Kiersten Sugg and Milagro Cantera. They had to identify milk samples, cheese samples, evaluate raw milk, and complete a written test. The team placed 24th at state.

This year Tommy and Frank Becker participated in the Nature and Wildlife CDE. These students had to identify a range of mammals, birds, plants, fish, and equipment pertaining to Nature Interpretation and Wildlife Management. Frank placed 14th and Tommy placed 18th out of 109.

The Livestock Judging team consisted of Jacob Studer, Leah Gochnauer, Tristen Stoll, Megan Baltic, and Willow Baer. The team placed 63rd at State.

Lastly, Brandon Sugg competed in the Dairy Handlers CDE. He participated in and won the state contest! He now has the opportunity to compete at the national level.

Every year the FFA sells Florida citrus fruit, Bauman apples, Florida strawberries, nuts, and barbeque sauce. The funds raised from this sale were used to benefit all FFA members. Our third highest fruit seller was John Kelbly. Our second highest fruit seller was Katie Hostetler. Our top fruit seller was Kolstin Hartzler.

Congratulations and thank you to our top fruit salesmen!

Members were also recognized for outstanding work done with their Supervised Agricultural Experience. Wren Hostetler placed 1st at the district evaluation in Dairy Production Placement. She has worked many hours on LNR Dairy and she helps milk, feed the calves.

Wyatt Baer applied for a proficiency award in the area of Dairy Placement, and placed second at the district competition. He works for LNR Dairy and helps milk, and train employees.

In the area of Dairy Placement, Jacob Studer works on Four Winds Farm, where he milks, scrapes holding pens and alley ways, and in the summer he helps bale hay. He also applied in the area of Beef Production where he raises beef cattle at his home farm.

Frank Becker participated in the Home and Community Development with his work at the Wooster Hospital Garden, and placed 1st at districts, and received a silver rating at the state level. Frank also placed 1st in the area of Vegetable Production. In addition to his proficiency awards, Frank was awarded an SAE Grant of one thousand dollars from the National FFA.

In the area of fruit production, Brett Bauman placed 1st in the district competition and placed among the top four at the state level. Brett has worked many hours at Bauman Orchards and enjoys sorting and bagging out apples for them to sell to local businesses and throughout the state.

In the area of Agricultural Services, Kolstin Hartzler placed 1st at districts and placed in the top four at state judging. He has put countless hours in at Lowe and Young by working hard over the past four years.

This year the FFA gave members the opportunity to receive a varsity letter. In order to receive a varsity letter a member must have met CDE participation requirements, earn a state FFA degree, or become a state proficiency finalist. Members that earned a varsity letter this year are Wren Hostetler, Katie Hostetler, Frank Becker, Mattie Leway, Kiersten Sugg, Tommy Becker, Brandon Sygg, Wyatt Baer, Brett Bauman, Kolstin Hartzler, Randy Vanlanen, JAcob Studer, Milagro Crantera, Keri Holmes, Skylar Brookover, Gavin Brummage, Shawn Montovani, Mike Thompson, Tristen Stoll, Chris Tomic, Tyler

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Patterson, Bobby Joyner, and Dylan Unkefer.

Scholarships awards are given to the student with the highest GPA and who have excelled academically. The AG 1 freshman award receiver is Megan Baltic, and the AG 1 upperclassmen award receiver is Leah Gochnauer. The AG 2 award receiver is John Kelbly. The AG 3 award receiver is Frank Becker. The AG 4 award receiver is Katie Hostetler. Lastly, the Ag Leadership award receiver is Jacob Studer.

The Blue and Gold award is our way to say thank you to a few people who have contributed much of their time and effort for the chapter. The 2014-2015 Blue and Gold award went to Ron and Jenny Becker!

The honorary membership is given to farmers, school superintendents, teachers, staff members, or anyone who helps out to advance the agricultural education and the FFA. This year's Honorary Member is Kelly Hostetler.

Also, this year we had someone come in to teach the Ag classes while Mrs. Atterholt went on maternity leave. Mrs. Kelbly took us to National Convention and soil judging competitions, and other field trips. She also helped us study for parliamentary procedure practices. She shared lots of her dairy science knowledge with us as well.

Each year a top Greenhand and Chapter award is given to a member distinguished by either star Greenhand or star Chapter. This year's Star Greenhand award goes to Maddie Lance. This year's Star Chapter award goes to Jacob Studer. Also, the Dekalb Outstanding Senior Award goes to Katie Hostetler!

Every year our reporter, secretary and treasurer put together officer books. The books are completed and submitted to district evaluation in February. this year Katie Hostetler submitted a secretary book that received a gold rating. Wren Hostetler submitted a treasurer's book that received a gold rating. Brielle Pyle submitted a reporter's scrapbook that also got a gold rating. All will be recognized and be awarded a gold pin at the state FFA convention.

The retiring officer team for the 2014-2015 school year received a retiring plaque for their hard work and dedication this past year. We welcome our new officer team, and look forward to making our chapter more successful. The 2015-2016 Smithville FFA Officer team is Frank Becker as the President, Jacob Studer as the Vice President, Willow Baer as the Secretary, John Kelbly as the Treasurer, Chris Tomic as the Assistant Treasurer, Megan Baltic as the Reporter, Maddie Lance as the Sentinel, Kiersten Sugg as the Student Advisor, and Tommy Becker as the Historian.

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