Doug Is My Name And Birds Are My Game

By Janet Kehres

Rosie Reer from near New Washington, has always lived on a farm and said she loved every minute of it. She has instilled that love to her sons and now her grandson.

Her grandson Doug, is the president of Plymouth High School's FFA, active in church, and according to Rosie, a born leader and “the type of person you would enjoy being around”. She added he raises sheep, cattle, goats, cats, a dog, chickens and peacocks on her farm and raises numerous animals on his mom and dad’s farm near Plymouth.

The last two years Doug has has become active raising broad breasted white turkeys along with his uncle Fred at Rosie's farm, she added. The broad breasted white turkey seems to be everyone's favorite type of turkey for holiday dinners because it has more white meat than most breeds.

Rosie has been raising turkeys and ducks for many years and said she enjoys watching Doug getting more involved with the process.

When asked what her favorite part of raising turkeys, Rose replied, “The fresh meat on Thanksgiving day. There is nothing like it. It is so much better than the frozen turkey,”

Doug added he loves getting the little polts and watching them grow. They both agreed there is not much that they don't like about raising turkeys with the exception of cleaning the pens.

This is the time of the year the turkeys are sent to the butcher shop for the holidays. Doug likes to keep several turkeys from the Thanksgiving table and feed them until January. After the holidays he has the remaining turkeys processed and has the meat made into bratwurst. This is the first year he will have enough bratwurst to sell, Doug said. “It is a family favorite and the family usually wants all of the sandwich meat”.

Though Doug is a busy person with all of his FFA projects and helping on his family farm, he said he helps his grandma on her farm with all of the many animals and loves the outdoors and working around the animals.

He added he is not sure what he is going to major in when he goes to college, but it will probably be related to agriculture in many ways as he has learned a lot while working with the animals and other aspect of farming.

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