NOTICE TO LANDOWNERS OF VIEWINGS AND FIRST HEARING FOR JOINT COUNTY BLACKFORK DITCH PETITION NO. 21-001 To owners of land affected by the proposed improvement: You are hereby notified that on the 24th day of February, 2021, Mayor Steven L. Schag, Et al, filed a petition to 1) remove brush, log jams, tree piles, leaning trees, felled trees and dead trees from within and along the banks of the Black Fork River 2) necessary banks armoring or stabilization, 3) any additional duties deemed necessary by the County Engineer and Board of Supervisors of the Richland County Soil and Water Conservation District, including but not limited to the removal of silt bars and brush piles, and the removal of trees, debris and brush 20 feet back from the top of the bank, except whereas trees or structures are designed to remain standing, and 4) maintain the waterway from the said obstructions thereafter to the course set forth with the Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners of Richland County, Ohio, the substance and prayer of which said petition is that the construction of said improvement is necessary and will be conducive to the public welfare and prays for the making of such improvements along 18 miles of the Black Fork River. All costs of engineering, constructing, and future maintenance will be assessed to the benefiting parcels of land with the Black Fork Watershed District. PHYSICAL VIEW-Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 1:30 o'clock, P.M., EDST at 1162 Ganges East Rd, Shiloh, Ohio 44878 then to 924 Ganges East Rd., Shiloh, Ohio 44878 AND VIRTUAL VIEW Friday, May 21, 2021 at 9:30 o'clock, A.M. EDST Via Zoom - email if you would like an email invitation to the Zoom Meeting. FIRST HEARING-Thursday, August 5, 2021 at 6:30 o'clock, P.M., EST, at the Richland County Longview Center, 1495 W. Longview Ave Mansfield, Ohio 44906 JOINT BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS, RICHLAND & CRAWFORD COUNTIES, OHIO CRAWFORD COUNTY Doug Weisenauer Tim Ley Larry Schmidt RICHLAND COUNTY Darrell Banks Tim Ley Cliff Mears THE JOINT BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS WILL ATTEMPT TO PROVIDE REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS FOR ANY DISABLED PERSON. REQUESTS FOR SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS SHALL BE MADE TO THE OFFICE OF THE RICHLAND COUNTY COMMISSIONERS TWENTY-FOUR (24) HOURS PRIOR TO THE TIME SUCH ACCOMMODATIONS ARE REQUIRED. (419) 774-5550. None of said 5,905 mailed notices have been returned or undelivered, except: Mortgage Assets Management LLC Robert P Jr & Edna E Alfrey David Hiatt Hazel Kinsel Micheal & Keesha Mosley Thomas F & Betty J O Scier Benjamin Gano Valerie A & Rabold David M Barnhart Jason & Mirian Nelson Lance R & Stephanie L Holloway Dawn Charette Elizabeth A Cuppy David & Elzabeth McMullen Martina De La Cruz John Montgomery James R Hofffman Bishop of Toledo Ohio Ontario Lions Club Inc Grady L & Elizabeth Prater Harold Wayman Albert G Weltin Lee Taylor Donald R & Faye A Sauder Brian & Margaret Crall Laura E Dankovic & Bradley L Schiefer Mark & Pamela Hess James W Keisser C/O Richland County Habitat for Humanity Elisha Rapson Eugene L Hartman C/O Lucile Hartman Sharon Boggs Glenda Curren Kenneth & Melinda Burrous Joseph T Sipe Robert Yelley Adam & Julie Thornton Surv Callie & Joshua Mullins Birchwood Homes LLC James Fletcher Steven R & Tamara N Weisman Richard Kuhn William E & Shirley I Eshelman Chase Wallace Chad & Amy Bogner Jeffrey & Rosetta Gayheart Virginia Swanger Brent & Heather Armstrong Paul W & Carrie A Zehner Sharon Melching Melissa A Civay Vickie Thompson Melissa A Civay Adam Risner William Linville Micheal Gordon Tiffany M Shepard Robert & Karen Fromm Berneice Ritchie Melvin & Ella Hamons Sara A Delarosa Deloris Somerville Arden & Robin C Stannard Robert Hess Natalie M & Blair M Book Dolson & Mildred Nolen Timothy J & Elizabeth A Hawley Troy Lusk Nicole A Williams Claude & Gaylene Handshoe 109 Parkwood Properties LLC Pamela & Michael Tuttle Molly N Guill The Little Moral Freewill Baptist Church Michael A & Lynnette Workman Shelby Moose Lodge Lawrence A & Judith A Grin Acraland Properties LLC Carmnella J Hall Samantha & Jonathan Willoughby Louise Roller Kevin & Lynette Noble Nathan A & Chelsea D Collins Arlene H Smith Shelby Little House Inc C/O James Kehoe VM Enterprises LLC Brian K Rank Trustee Mark H & Jane E McClish Brenda Schraedly Beneficial Ohio Inc Richard S Jones Clyde Cantrell Jr Vicki L Bland Cherry Valley Farms Inc Lyle II & Kristen A Pheils Jean H Phillips Elizabeth Collins Melinda S Thornsberry Tyler D Beasy Thomas & Shelly Hall Dean C & Kathryn W Schimpf Stephen G Stine Scott A & Erin C Roberts Trustees Bethel Church Jarron J Bowling Robert A & Keri L Myers Lawrence R & Judy G Noble Eileen C Gwirtz Matthew T Snyder William A Martin J Drew & Patricia B Rader Trustees Michael R & Angela Marie Mahek Jeff Allen Scot M Beat Stewart L & Michelle S Mitchell Corey Small & Stacy Thomas Ralph A Jr & Rose M Cain Willard Home Improvement Inc Rick A & Rhonda K Lozier Beth A Theiss Amy B Close Cook Rd Baptist Church James E & Madaline W Sutter & Joyce A Barnes Co Trustees The First Church of God of Shelby Ohio James A & Madeline W Sutter Adam J & Samantha R Schroeder Christopher W Chaney Sr Merritt A Winbigler Cliff P Peters & Nichole Bibler Michael & Brandi Combs Stanley Smith Cherwood Farms PLL Mark J & Candy K Giesige Jeremy N Hernstein David L & Tonya S Bishop Janice L Elias Robert C Graham Oakland Cemetery Patricia K Graham Shelby Foundation Todd & Wanda Bland Luis T Guzman Affordable Housing of Mansfield LLC Matthew M & Brandie M Albert Andrew & Robin Utz Michelle J Rundag Donald Paullin Martha A Phelan National Home Management Solutions Amy M Miller Jon & Anna Finley John W Berger Joseph T Townley Randy J & Lisa L Myers Michael Zimmerman Gary F Vogt Mansfield 2 LLC Tristan L Stidam Dorthy & Stanley Myers Jeffrey R Foreman Norfolk Southern Corp Jeff A Watson & Jennifer Sparano Shelby Main Street LLC Jackson Township Trustees Richland County Ohio Shauna Hooks Farm Credit Mid America Michael & Michelle Davis Brandi M & Cody J Matern Woodlawn Mennonite Church Hummel & Hummel Marlin & Leon Newswanger D L S Land LLC Harley & Willian Fletcher John Volk Bloominggrove Mennonite Church Robin T Stiteler Presbyterian Church, Shiloh Ohio Kimberly D Moore Elizabeth & Zeiset Burholder Douglas Ewalt Tony & Kellie Seibert Bradley G & Julia Dummitt State of Ohio Keith A Alt James & Sandra Bauer Keith A Alt Mildred Lee Philip R & Ashley N Pry Lyle Chronister Robert & Lillian Niese Farms LTD De-Wayne Deskins Thomas J & Geraldine M Young Sheeree & Robert Oney Larry Fried Jewel Gasparac Penny J Schiffer Wanda NKA Taylor Wanda King Shelby Owls Club Shelby Nest 2553 Inc Theresa & Gaylord Crouse Caudill Property Management Jeremy Keene Maria A Fry Shiloh Area Historical Society Trudy Ann Fraley Janet Beck Tamaria S Damemiller Kenneth & Jennifer Black Richard T Utz Jacqueline Weikle Dean C & Kathryn W Schimpf David & Mary Zimmerman Zachary R Neumann Christoper & Patrick Moyer Cowbird Farm LLC Justin & Meranda Flickinger Shane P Walker Lora L & Lynn L Olson Dale & Vicky Strong Ronald W & Maria J Upton Stella Finnegan John & Lorie White Aaron & Misty Francis Raymond M Heffner Roger Wright Jerrod Williams Jennifer Mock Alice Mae Salisbury Gary Blevins Tylrt J Sweeney Rosalie Terman Robert P & Mariah J Crahen Zachery & Denise Woodard Richard Monroe Richard & Elaine Chapman Rosemary E Lux Randy Hoskin Jacqueline Christopherson Old Order Menonite Church Trustees of the United Baptist Church Shelby Ohio Kristi Graves Arcelormittal Tubular Products Shelby LLC David & Shellie Paone James R Hoffman Bishop of Toledo Ohio Michalina Lacy 05/04/21, 05/13/21