Details for ORDINANCE NO. 19-2020

ORDINANCE NO. 19-2020 (Sponsors: Councilmembers Roberts and Roub) AMENDING CHAPTER 1466 (FLOOD DAMAGE PREVENTION) SECTION 1466.24 (USE AND DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS FOR FLOOD HAZARD REDUCTION) (d)(4) (RESIDENTIAL STRUCTURES) OF THE CODIFIED ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF SHELBY, OHIO. PASSED: September 21, 2020 Steven McLaughlin, Vice President of Council ATTEST: Brian Crum, Clerk of Council APPROVED: Steven L. Schag, Mayor Prepared by: Gordon Eyster, Director of Law See the city's website- or at Shelby City Hall, 43 West Main Street for the entire ordinance. 09/30/20