Back to school
Baylie White is an eighth-grade math teacher at Shelby Middle School.

Shelby Middle School welcomed Baylie White as an eighth grade math teacher to start the academic year.

She is a graduate of Shelby High School and Ohio University.
White described her decision to become a teacher as "to impact and inspire kids to follow their dreams and work hard."
"I am excited to be back and working in this town," White said in the written information form provided to the Shelby Daily Globe.
"The kids in Shelby have a ton of potential and I can't wait to watch kids grow academically and personally," added White, daughter of John and Lorie White, the Shelby Board of Education member.
In an interview, Baylie White noted that she once was a student at Shelby Middle School. She now serves in a building with her former teachers.
"It's a little weird, but it's going really well," she said. "They are super supportive and helpful."
White described the transition to teaching back in Shelby.
"At first, it was a little nerve-wracking mainly because it's my first year," she said. "But it's actually gone really, really well. I was expecting to be nervous for the first week, for the first day, but I really wasn't."
As she prepared to end her years at Ohio University, White had been looking to teach in Shelby.
"I definitely wanted to come back," said White, a 2016 Shelby High School graduate. "I was a little bit nervous that there wasn't going to be a job opening, but there was, so it was perfect timing."
"It's really, really great being back," she said.

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