A look at an example of the banners as shown in the downtown Shelby area on Tuesday, Nov. 9.

SHELBY -- As residents and visitors travel through downtown Shelby, they will notice the community is doing something special to honor veterans.

The Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) has been developing the concept of adding banners throughout downtown for quite some time, CIC President Jake Penwell explained.

“This is a concept we have been thinking about for a while and have seen done successfully in other communities. With all the great efforts toward downtown enhancement, and with a little nudge from a very interested donor, we were able to make the idea a reality. The timing is perfect,” Penwell said.

Penwell shared the CIC has been working on light pole enhancements on the downtown light poles, which is possible through donors.

“Within a few weeks, permanent light pole enhancements will be gracing every other pole downtown. These metal icons will be permanent improvements to the poles and stay up all year. The icons will be on every other pole and the banners on the others,” Penwell said.

“In total, there are 28 banners and 28 icons,” he said. “Donors had the opportunity to honor veterans in their lives, both living and deceased. Through our website,, purchases were made on a first come first serve basis and sold out very quickly...within two weeks. Once purchased, the donors provided the photo used on the banners,” Penwell said.

All of the banners are placed throughout the downtown area and the permanent metal icons will be installed in the next few weeks, Penwell continued.

As far as community response, Penwell said there has been an outpour of support and positive feedback for the project.

“The banners did sell out quickly...which was incredible. We have had many inquiries about being able to have an opportunity to participate in the future,” Penwell said.

“Although we are not keeping a wait-list, the banners will be available again next year a couple of months prior to November on a first come first serve basis. A brief in the Globe, on our CIC website,, and on our CIC Facebook page, announcements will be made when they are available again for the 2022 season,” Penwell stated.

In addition, Penwell added the CIC will be launching a sale on their website for seasonal banners to decorate downtown Shelby throughout the entire year.

“The 2022 season light pole banner will include a banner for winter, spring, summer, fall, Christmas (5 in total) and donors names will be printed on the banners. The veteran banners will remain separate from this pack and sell on their own. This is a great opportunity for individuals, groups, businesses, and other interested parties to take ownership in downtown improvements and beautification.

"Perhaps a Christmas gift idea for someone that “never wants anything” or deserves the honor. These banners will be in use for three seasons! So this is a multi-year improvement, yet one-time purchase. It can be the gift that keeps on giving all year round! Again, purchase at”

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