Mike and Charlene Bower of Bow Wow Graphics

Mike and Charlene Bower of Bow Wow Graphics have given back to the community on a number of fronts. With the demands right now on first responders, medical personnel and those who work in essential jobs, the couple decided to use a very unique path to once again support the people of the area.

They have been working with Bonnie Bowen on a project. Bowen is a talented artist who brought her vision to life on paper which honors the heartbeat of this country right now. That is the doctors and nurses working in the trenches day and night. What’s even more amazing is that Bowen is 90 years young.

Bow Wow Graphics has been granted the exclusive rights to use two designs for T-shirts. According to Mike, $5 of each shirt sold will go to the American Red Cross to distribute for equipment needed by first responders.

Charlene said when they decided to do the fundraiser and give the money to the Red Cross, the couple had seen some of Bowen’s work on Facebook.

“Bonnie was born and raised in Columbus,” she said. “She did the drawing.  We’ve been working with her daughter, Betsey. She came up with the Be Like Bonnie hash tag, which is what they have used to tag all of the artwork.

“Every day, she’s been doing a different drawing,” Charlene explained. “Everyone who meets her wants to be like her because she is spreading joy everywhere she goes.”

Each shirt is $15.99. They can be ordered at bowwowgraphics.com. There is a Bow Wow store showing the designs. The sale of the shirts will mean a donation to the American Red Cross. There is also a link on their Facebook page.

They are shipped free, according to Mike.

With the high unemployment right now, Mike said he kept the price at a minimum. This lets everyone have a chance to support those on the front lines and the first responders.

While the designs may be going all over the United States, each shirt will have its start in Willard, Ohio.

“We are the exclusive printers for this,” Mike pointed out. “Nobody else has this. If you want one (of Bonnie’s drawings) you’ve got to go through us.”

Word is getting out, he said. People see the shirts and want to help. Anyone wishing to order a large number can call 567-224-0576 or via email.

Sizes include kids small, medium and large. Adults x-tra small to 3-X. Mike said there is no local pickup, which is why they are being shipped free due to the COVID-19 order at bowwowgraphics.com.

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