Jackson trustees
A look at the Jackson Township trustees meeting on June 16. Shown left to right are township fiscal officer Marty Penwell, Trustee chairman Greg Vogt and Trustee Mark Wright. Road Superintendent Kurt Stumbo is shown seated (near right). They also met for the annual cemetery meeting.

JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- Trustees during their final meeting of June addressed multiple topics ranging from roads to mowing and the upcoming annual cleanup event.

At the Tuesday, June 16 meeting Trustee Chairman Greg Vogt noted that the township's road maintenance chip seal program was scheduled to start later this month or in early July.

Jackson Township, however, is waiting asphalt leveling and patching work to be carried out by a separate contractor in advance of the chip seal work, Vogt reported. Once the asphalt work is completed, the chip seal project can start.

Earlier this spring, trustees chose Allied Construction of Chillicothe, Ohio for the chip seal work. The bid was $147,986.78 or about $12,268 lower than the next closest bidder.

On Tuesday, Vogt also said he would serve as the prevailing wage on the chip seal project that involves Laser Road, Holtz Road, Springmill North Road and Taylortown Road.

Separately, trustees reviewed a report from Township Road Superintendent Kurt Stumbo detailing recent activities. They included:

* looking at several road tile projects

* creating a ditch on Stein Road of about 500 feet

* digging up some tile on Stiving Road and carrying out related work

* weeding and/or mowing the township yard and cemeteries

Stumbo also reported that dumpsters had been secured for the annual township cleanup event.

Trustees have set dates for Jackson Township's annual spring/summer cleanup event from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, June 26 and 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, June 27 outside the township complex off Plymouth-Springmill Road.

Officials recalled that in 2019, about six dumpsters were filled. Stumbo indicated that this year that number could rise and said after the meeting that at least three dumpsters would be on-site at any one time. "They just keep bringing them," Stumbo told trustees earlier about the dumpsters moving in and out of the property.

During the public comment period, former Trustee Denny Cooper thanked township officials for their quick work on a mowing issue.

At the June 2, trustees meeting, Cooper had requested that the Rock Road extension be mowed by the township, which has the equipment needed to handle the terrain.

The site involves township property. It had been mowed by a neighbor in prior years but that person has since passed away, Cooper reported in requesting that the township handle the mowing of that township land going forward.

"Within 12 hours, it was done," Cooper said. "Thank you guys. Thank you, Kurt. That is efficient government business."

Earlier, township Fiscal Officer Marty Penwell updated trustees on coronavirus financial relief legislation, state Senate Bill 310.

"But this can only be used for anything COVID-related, and I don't think we have really had anything COVID-related," Penwell said, other than hand-sanitizer supplies secured by the township earlier this year.

"For that small amount, I don't know that it's worth going through it because we can't use it to subsidize any of our lost revenue," she said.

 "It's up to you, guys," she told Vogt and Trustee Mark Wright. "But I would rather not take advantage of something that we truly don't need, I don't think."

After further discussion, trustees took no formal action, agreeing to put the matter to the side as described by Wright.

In other business, the trustees also received a zoning report that included a permit for an addition involving a residence in the 3400 block of Rock Road.

Prior to the regular trustees meeting, the trustees held their annual cemetery meeting at the township complex. The meeting was to address any issues involving London Cemetery, which is in the township.

Check the Shelby Daily Globe for a closer look, including maintenance efforts at the cemetery, which is at the corner of East Smiley Avenue and Plymouth-Springmill Road.

Trustee Mark Eshelman was not in attendance at the meetings Tuesday.

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