Capturing special moment, remembering 9/11

Misty Youngless, a reader of the Shelby Daily Globe, sent this photo and other similar ones as a tribute in remembrance of the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against the United States.

Her photos show her 2-year-old grandson, Damon Ford at a memorial near the public library in New London.

In a message, Youngless explained that the two walk every morning, and with Damon of New London leading the way on Thursday, their 40-minute walk ended at Veterans Memorial Park near the library.

“We sat down on the bench to rest his little feet when he noticed the ‘soldier,’” Youngless recalled. “Damon climbed off the bench, took my hand and we walked over to the kneeling soldier. My grandson looked at me and said, ‘sad’ and I told him the soldier missed his brothers and sisters.”

“Damon then insisted on ‘talking to his new friend,’” Youngless wrote, stating that though the boy does not use full sentences yet, “he sat right in front of his ‘friend’ just babbling away for a good 15 minutes.”

“When I told Damon it was time to go bye-bye, he stood up and hugged his new ‘friend’ for what seemed like a long hug!” Youngless said.

The story “has touched the hearts of so many right here in New London,” Youngless wrote.

Youngless noted that she had received messages encouraging her to share the photos with the newspaper as a 9/11 tribute.

Damon is the son of Annie Ford of New London, and grandson of Chris and Misty Youngless also of New London, Youngless wrote, also naming multiple other relatives of the youngster in New London and other Ohio communities. They include an uncle who served in the Army National Guard.