County Mental Health Board hosting  ‘Wellness Winter Wonderland’

MHAS is collaborating with the Huron County Chamber of Commerce, Firelands Forward, and the Norwalk Area United Fund to host a “Winter Wellness Wonderland”, throughout the month of February. This is an effort to encourage community members to be intentional on focusing on their wellness. What the wellness month will consist of is promoting area businesses and organizations that fall within the 8 dimensions of wellness February and encouraging residents to visit our identified “wellness partners” to learn more about the services and supports available and how they can support a person’s overall wellness

The outline of the outreach is below:

• Participants will pick up wellness cards for the month at participating locations.

• Throughout the month, participants will visit at any of the identified locations on the “wellness partner map”.

• When individuals visit locations they will learn about the dimensions of wellness and the services that business/organization offers. The person will then have that representative sign off on that dimension of wellness.

• Participants will visit at least 4 locations/dimensions of wellness to complete their wellness card. Once completed, they can drop off their cards at participating locations to complete the challenge or pick up a new card to complete a second entry.

• Each completed card will be entered into a drawing for an opportunity to receive a wellness gift basket at the end of the month.

• An end of the month Wellness Event will take place at Perkins Family Gym on February 25th from 10am-2pm.

All participating wellness partners are welcome to attend and set up tables.

Read all about the eight dimensions of wellness, as well as their importance in the February 2nd and 5th editions of the Times.