City Council

Shelby Mayor Steve Schag provided updates to Shelby City Council on June 7.

SHELBY- Mayor Steven Schag provided a motivating COVID-19 report before city council members during their regular meeting held on Monday night.

In Schag’s report, he explained the Shelby City Health Department had reported zero new COVID-19 cases from June 5-7. The department was monitoring one active case that was hospitalized. Schag explained the department would check on Wednesday to see the status of the individual.

“It should be noted we have had a total of 10 new cases documented in the jurisdiction of the city over the last 38 days. That is a very good number; we are thankful for those numbers,” Schag said.

Moving ahead in his report, Schag shared the interview process would begin for a full time firefighter/paramedic. This position would fill the vacancy of retired firefighter Mike Paulo. Schag also added the city was looking for a full time taxi driver for the city’s service. The services include Tuesday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more details, it is encouraged to call City Hall at 419-347-5131.

With warm weather in full swing, Schag shared the importance of keeping up with mowing.

“Grass is growing I think we all know that. Please attend to your lawns, we do have an ordinance pertaining to tall grass and we have been taking action. Secondly, please do not throw the grass onto the street. We do have an ordinance that prohibits that practice,” Schag said.

Schag then presented a motion to confirm the appointment of Randy Sampsel to the Shelby Historic Preservation Commission. The motion was approved.

Project Coordinator Joe Gies went over the progress of the East Main Sewer Project, which began last week.

“We did run into a little problem right there at the start, but they are moving along now. Hopefully they will get wrapped up in the next few weeks,” Gies said.

Regarding paving, Gies said some will be taking place in late July and early August.

In legislation, city council heard Resolution No. 32-2021 which stated to approve the plans and authorize the mayor as director of public service to advertise for bids and enter into a contract for the city of Shelby RIC-SR39-3.35 Shelby Streetscape Project and declare an emergency.

Gies explained this project has been long awaited. Following discussion, the resolution passed.

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