Lauren Terry speaks with Shelby Mayor Steve Schag prior to the Prayer Rally for Unity & Peace" on June 12 at the Black  Fork Commons amphitheater.

When it came to organizing this month's prayer rally at the Black Fork Commons amphitheater, much planning went into the effort.

"The purpose is to unite each other as one no matter what color you are," local event organizer Lauren Terry said in an interview.  

"To show that we love them and support them here in Shelby, too," Terry said, "our black brothers and sisters."

About 30 people were on hand at the "Prayer Rally for Unity & Peace" on June 12.

"I started putting it together last Sunday (June 7) so it's been almost a full week," Terry said of the planning.

Featured speakers included Father Chris  Mileski of Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic Church, Shelby Mayor Steve Schag, Pastor Rita Bullock of Shelby's Awake Church and Pastor James Robinson of First Presbyterian Church and First United Church of Christ.

"I think it is important for all of us to pray for unity and pray for recognizing our own sinfulness and how we support anything that's unjust," Mileski said in an interview.

"I just say in this time, especially, we need to do that, but we always need to do that," he said.

Mileski also spoke of the importance of coming together for prayer and unity.

"I think a lot of times we don't have the right words or we are not sure what to say, but we can always rely on prayer," he said.

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