Disc golf

An example of a sign for disc golf as shown at a Michigan park, just across the state line from Toledo.

SHELBY — When it comes to the prospect of locating a disc golf course in Shelby, enthusiasm is building.

“I think it would be really fun,” Shelby Park Board President Ed Ingle said in remarks Feb. 8 at the board's meeting. “I think it would be a great thing for our parks, just another attraction and something that would give the community (the opportunity) to get out and get some exercise and have a good time with family.”

This past fall, Shelby Parks Superintendent Jerry Marshall said that Tucker Park was being eyed for the course should the Board of Park Commissioners decide to pursue the project.

Later in the year, Marshall named other parks, besides Tucker, as possibly being a home to the proposed course. They included Veterans and Seltzer.

No decisions have been made.

At the Feb. 8 meeting, Ingle updated officials on his findings as the research continues.

“I have had a ball with this disc golf,” Ingle said in sharing his findings, adding that he had spoken with the designer of such a course at Cleveland Metroparks and received photos and other information.

Ingle and his wife also walked the Ontario disc golf course. In addition, Ingle said he spoke for a half-hour with Ontario police Capt. Rob Griefenstine, “who was instrumental in putting their disc golf course together.”

All were upbeat about disc golf.

“I told them all, ‘We (Shelby) are not going to be the national register of disc golf so that they can have tournaments here,’” Ingle recalled.

He also contacted a place that sells pins and flags for the sport.

“It looks like it could be a really neat thing,” Ingle said ahead of comments about potential course designs. “The one thing they said was is you don’t want to be too boring for people. You have to have some (course) obstacles” including trees.

He described the Ontario course as “cut through the woods.”

“There is a tunnel,” he said.

A foot-golf component also is being considered for Shelby so that foot golf and disc golf could occur, including at the same time.

“They thought that was pretty neat so I’ve looked into that,” Ingle told the park board.

He also spoke of the size of a disc golf course.

“It took us a good two hours to walk Ontario,” Ingle said of the course there. “We did all 18 holes, but I was stopping and looking.”

“There is no way we could be that elaborate with what we have,” he said of potential Shelby course features such as various course starting points with concrete pads.

“My goodness, if we (Shelby) could just get nine fun holes somewhere just for people to get out and enjoy the parks and have a good time, I really think it would be a neat addition,” Ingle also said.

He and his wife planned to head to Galion to look at a course there.

Shelby Finance Director Brian Crum said the Shelby Park Board has $3,150 from the Shelby Cruise Foundation for the disc golf course.

Ingle noted some of the equipment used by enthusiasts. “They have driver Frisbees, mid-range Frisbees, they have putter Frisbees,” he said. “They carry them on their back.”

Shelby Park Board member Dave Downs offered assistance with securing course signage.

“If you get a price on what those signs would be, I’d be willing to go to businesses and (say), ‘Do you want to sponsor this…put your name down at the bottom of it?'” Downs stated.

More research is to be presented to the Shelby Park Board.

“I have some good contacts,” Ingle said. “I will keep you up to date on that.”

He asked board members to contact him with any ideas or if they hear anything on the topic. “I’ll just continue to do my research on that,” he said.


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