Jackson Township

Surveillance photos of the scene as provided by the Jackson Township.

JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- Trustees are expressing renewed concerns about people improperly dumping overflowing amounts of recyclables and some trash at a recycling center outside the township hall and garage.

The situation, first raised over the winter, has worsened to such a degree that township officials are considering taking action. That could lead to moving the eight recycling dumpsters to another yet-to-be determined location and away from the hub of Jackson Township government off Plymouth-Springmill Road.

Officials raised their concerns May 5 at the most recent meeting of the trustees.

With surveillance video used to keep a careful watch on the township's garage and property, officials shared still-photos to highlight their growing concerns.

"We are having some major issues," Trustee Mark Wright said. "You can see the pictures there. The dumpsters, I was out here this past Wednesday (April 29), and they were 80 percent full. By the time Friday rolled around, there was already bags and boxes sitting outside."

Others raised separate concerns about people trying to pry open the secured dumpsters and also leaving broken-glass whiskey bottles behind in the middle of the township's driveway. 

The trustees are working with the Richland County Solid Waste Authority to try and troubleshoot the issues.

One option might be emptying the dumpsters twice a week instead of once. But to cover that extra cost of having them emptied more often, two of the dumpsters might need to be removed.

Trustee Chairman Greg Vogt expressed frustration with the situation, which led him to say at one point, "Get these things out of here," he recalled.

"This has been such a pain in the butt for us," Vogt said.

Road Superintendent Kurt Stumbo noted the bold actions of people improperly dumping or throwing materials.

"I've got videos of people waving at the cameras and saying stuff and chucking bags of trash," Stumbo said. "And another guy pulls in and gets in the back of his truck and throws six bags out, right out of the back, not in the dumpster."

Stumbo called it a "disaster," which "people are taking advantage of" despite detailed warning signage. "It's every week," he said.

Neighbors also are complaining about the trash, too, as it moves beyond township property to private field areas.

"I came out on a Sunday and picked up (debris) and tied bags and did what I could so it wouldn't blow around overnight," Trustee Wright recalled.

Though the recycling dumpsters are in Jackson Township, they are available to all Richland County residents. 

"I know to do away with them would get rid of all of the trash and garbage," Wright said. "But also by keeping them in, getting them emptied twice a week is also a service to the other honest residents who use them."

To meet demand, two dumpsters were added to the heavily traveled site this past Christmastime, bringing the number to the current eight.

"You could put probably 15 out there and they'd all be full every week," Wright said.

An update or decision on a way forward was expected at the May 19 trustees meeting.  Check the Shelby Daily Globe and shelbydailyglobe.com for updates.

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