Jackson Township trustees
Jackson Township trustees met on Tuesday, Nov. 2. Shown left to right are Trustees' Chairman Greg Vogt, Trustee Mark Wright and Trustee Mark Eshelman. 
JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- In an Election Night meeting, Jackson Township trustees met in regular session when they received updates and approved reports.
The road superintendent's report, presented at the Nov. 2 meeting by Trustees' Chairman Greg Vogt, highlighted the many activities of the township's road personnel.
The written report detailed the installation of two new stop signs on Richland Run Road, one new stop sign at the Rock Road extension and a road curve sign on Springmill North Road. In addition, eight new road signs were ordered. This comes after the theft of five signs from township roadways this past month.
Township Fiscal Officer Marty Penwell noted this in presenting the minutes from the Oct. 19 trustees meeting.
Road Superintendent Kurt Stumbo had recently ordered road signs to get the township's inventory back up after the sign thefts, Penwell noted in the minutes. Stumbo would like to put special bolts on these signs, the minutes stated.
Other activities in the Nov. 2 road superintendent's report included installing the salt spreader on the township's Freightliner truck, conducting mowing in the township cemeteries, the township yard and Oesch Lane and cleaning and organizing the township garage's shop for Election Day. The garage venue is used as a voting site.
Jackson Township Zoning Inspector Ronald Carpenter presented his report that included issuing a permit for a handicap ramp at a location along Springmill North Road.
In addition in an unrelated matter, Carpenter reported receiving a few calls from other residents about potential future permits.
"We are going to have some buildings built," Carpenter told trustees. "One asked me about one of those metal buildings. Part of it's going to be a garage and part of it's going to be like a living quarters."
Special reports involving roads and zoning were approved as presented.
In other business, Fiscal Officer Penwell presented the fund status and receipts reports. These financial reports were approved 3-0 as presented. In addition, trustees later reviewed purchase orders and vouchers. They were approved 3-0.
Also, Trustee Mark Eshelman noted that lighting had been replaced near his seating location in the township's meeting room. At the Oct. 19 meeting, he had requested this be addressed.
In public comment, Brett Heffner expressed thanks to Penwell involving a public records request involving Abraxas.
"I got what I believe to be are the records I requested two weeks ahead of time, which I appreciate," Heffner said. "Fiscal Officer Penwell got a copy to me today. I just have to review it."

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