A local business was cited by agents from the Ohio Investigative Unit over the weekend for violations of health orders. Agents issued citations after observing the violations.

The Bridge Bar & Grill received a citation for improper conduct. This, according to the OIU, included “disorderly activity/after hours sale - Rule 80 and hindering or obstructing inspection.”

Agents said they observed “complete disregard for current operating guidelines.” Those included the following:

• No physical barriers;

• No social distancing while patrons moved freely about the establishment consuming alcoholic beverages;

• Every seat at the bar was occupied as others crowded close behind;

• No one inside the bar was wearing a mask, and

• Bar staff continued to sell alcohol after 10 p.m.

According to the OIU, the Huron County Sheriff’s Office assisted agents while they issued the citation.

Agents said the operator began cursing at them while the citation was being issued. She allegedly began cursing at the agents and said “she intentionally violated the operating restrictions.”

According to the OIU, the operator also allegedly permitted off-duty staff to interfere with official law enforcement duties.

The Ohio Investigative Unit is made up of fully-sworn, plainclothes peace officers responsible for enforcing Ohio’s alcohol, tobacco and food stamp fraud laws. The agents also conduct safety checks for compliance to COVID-19 rules.

“We continue to work with our law enforcement partners and local health departments following up on complaints to ensure liquor-permitted establishments maintain compliance so everyone can enjoy a healthy experience,” said Eric Wolf, OIU enforcement commander. “When egregious violations are observed, enforcement action is taken.”

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