Jackson Township

Jackson Township has multiple initiatives underway.

JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- Besides passing a proposed 2021 budget, trustees on July 21 received updates on numerous efforts underway throughout the township.

Trustees chairman Greg Vogt reported that roadway asphalt work had begun in the township. Crews had been waiting for outdoor temperatures to cool down a bit so that the asphalt could be placed on the pavement.

In May, trustees had approved spending up to $15,000 for the asphalt repairs on several township roads: Taylortown, Boyce, Holtz, Laser and Miller.

That was scheduled in advance, set to occur prior to separate chip-seal work that aims to improve roads in the township through a road maintenance program.

At the meeting, trustees accepted several special reports. They included one from township Road Superintendent Kurt Stumbo, who detailed numerous efforts undertaken recently, including:

* cutting brush on both the east and west sides of the township.

* treating roads several times by spreading stone on tar that gets sticky from the heat, including carrying out the work on the weekend.

* berming mailboxes along Smiley Avenue and Miller Road by placing stone in front of the boxes.

* mowing the township and both cemeteries in the township.

* receiving parts for a donated flag pole that the township plans to put up to display the American flag.

* selling a plot at the London Cemetery and separately working with the Longstreth Memorials contractor on upgrading headstone foundations there.

Earlier this spring, the township agreed to spend up to $2,000 to shore up the foundations involving 20 headstones at the cemetery that is at the corner of Plymouth-Springmill Road and Smiley Avenue. The work involved setting and repouring of footers at the site.

* getting welding done on a boom mower the township uses.

Stumbo also reported guardrail damage from an apparent collision in the township in which no accident report was filed. As a result, details of the incident are unknown but several sections of guardrail are involved.

Stumbo also provided an update on the township's successful June 26-27 spring/summer cleanup event. In all, the event used six trash dumpsters and one steel dumpster.

Trustees also received a report from township zoning inspector Ronald Carpenter. He reported a permit being given for a 26×36 addition to a storage building along Holtz Road.

Another separate and unrelated permit request for a 28x54 structure along a 

Stiving Road site is expected to be heading to an appeals process, Carpenter reported. 

A permit request was rejected "because it doesn't meet the side yard clearance," Carpenter said. A power post in the area is an issue in the matter.

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