Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Mrs. Kim Schubert, Bellevue City School District Mr. Ralph Moore, Monroeville Local School District Mr. Brad Romano, New London Local School District Mr. George Fisk, Norwalk City School District Ms. Laura Kagy, Seneca East Local Schools Mr. Martin Linder, Norwalk Catholic School Mr. Ben Chaffee, South Central Local School District Mr. Rodge Wilson, Western Reserve Local School District Mr. Jeff Ritz, Willard City School District 


School officials from area public schools conducted a meeting today to announce a series of common protocols for addressing novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). While there are no reported cases of the COVID- 19 in our immediate area, multiple area superintendents met to provide a collaborative response to the current health challenge in our state and nation. There was agreement on the following matters:  Any possible closing of schools would be announced jointly and be made in consultation with a county or state health official;  Providing electronic options to students to address academic work in the event of the closure of school for multiple days;  Agreement to suspend all large gatherings for thirty days (until April 10th) and then reassess the next steps at that time;  Districts will provide deep cleaning of buildings and facilities;  Agreement to partner with the County Health Department and officials regarding strategic steps and recommendations for specific action; and  Districts will develop regular communication protocols to maintain communications with students, parents, and community members. Huron County Public Health’s (HCPH) Health Commissioner, Timothy Hollinger, provided his support of the above listed community containment measures and is committed to continuing to work with Huron County School Districts to protect the health of Huron County residents. Each school district will be conducting communications to their constituents on this matter. The purpose of this press release is to provide a consistent set of protocols for schools within the immediate area. Fol- low up questions regarding local school actions can be directed to each of the Superintendents. General information about COVID-19 can be found at If residents have further general questions about COVID-19 they should call 1-833-4ASKODH. If residents have specific health-related questions, they should contact their physician.    

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