A look at Sunday's updated information.

The state's coronavirus case count rose to 1,653 over the weekend with 29 total deaths in Ohio, the state reported.

Richland County's case count increased to five over the weekend. No deaths are reported in the county.

In all, 66 counties have coronavirus cases.

In a televised briefing Saturday, Gov. Mike DeWine emphasized a report of estimates showing coronavirus cases peaking by mid-May with Ohio being hit hard starting in the next couple of weeks.

Ohio may need to triple its hospital capacity, he said.

On Saturday, hospitals from eight regions submitted their draft action plans for their capacity increase, DeWine said.

"The most important thing is that we cannot get through this by each hospital doing its own thing," he said. "The only way we get through this is by all hospitals in each region having one plan, one voice, and a commitment to work closely together as we move forward."

He spoke of Ohio's need for personal protective medical equipment to keep medical personnel safe. They include surgical gowns, masks, goggles, gloves and face shields, N-95 masks, Tyvek coveralls, thermometers, foot coverings and tubing for ventilators.

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DeWine planned not to have a news Sunday. But he cited an urgency related to Ohio being short of having enough N-95 masks for the expected surge in COVID-19 patients, prompting a Sunday briefing.

He said he spoke to President Trump about getting FDA clearance for Columbus-based Battelle to use technology to sanitize up to 80,000 masks a day as opposed to a more limited number of 10,000.

"...He told me he would do everything he could to get full approval today so that these machines can be fully operational," said DeWine, who earlier in the day had released a statement to Columbus media calling an initial FDA decision "reckless."

Based on the later Sunday conversation with President Trump, the state hoped for approval at a full level by day's end.

Information conflicted Sunday whether both N-95 masks and surgical would be able to use the new Battelle technology.

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