Plymouth Improvement Committee sponsors flag

An art teacher from Willard High School is helping the Plymouth Improvement Committee bring some colorful patriotism to the downtown area. John Buss was hired to paint a flag in the shape of the state of Ohio on the side of a building facing the Veterans Park.

“I’ve never done anything this big,” Buss pointed out. “I’ve done a lot of different things with flags.”

He had no reservations taking on such the job. Buss said he thought he would have the flag painted in 10 days, taking rain into consideration. Before starting, he also sat down with Susie Moore and Katie Veletean from PIC to see what they had in mind.

Buss said he drew up a design to see how the 25-foot by 40-foot furled flag would look. It would also help him fit the design to the space.

The flag area was first primed with a base coat. Then, he used heavy industrial latex for the red, white and blue.

“Every star will be the same size,” Buss pointed out, “but every star will be different because they roll.”

As the project was shaping up, Buss said he was happy with the way he measured the project and how it was looking as he worked.

His daughter, Hannah, a recent graduate from Willard High School, has been helping her dad with the project. Because of the height, Buss is using a 35-foot scissor lift to get to the top of the painting.

When he is done, Buss said he will use between four and five gallons of primer, and four each of the red, white and blue paint to finish the project.

“A flag is kind of fun to do,” Buss explained. “It’s fun to paint something so iconic.”

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