James Pomerich is wearing a new hat with the City of Willard. He was appointed by city council to serve as interim city manager with the resignation of Jim Ludban, effective April 1.

Willard uses a city manager form of government. While there is a mayor, it is the city manager who sits at the helm to guide the community.

“The major difference between a city manager and a mayor is that a mayor is elected by the citizens and, as such, they are more of a public and political figure,” Pomerich explained. “They set the director the city with council’s approval.

“A city manager, on the other hand, is a position appointed by council and tends to be more professional and less political,” he pointed out. “Council sets the direction for the city and appoints the city manager to carry out their administrative policies.”

Pomerich has submitted an application to make the appointment permanent. City council will review those who have applied and will make the final decision.

“This is my home and my community,” he said. “I think I would make a good city manager because of the fact that I genuinely care about this city. I want to see Willard be the best that it can be.

“If council sees me as the best person for this position, that’s great,” Pomerich added. “If there is someone better for Willard, I’ll support that person 100%.”

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