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Progress is continuing at the site of the new pre-kindergarten through eighth grade school that is under construction in Shelby as shown Oct. 25. The site is behind the current Shelby Middle School. A post-Labor Day 2022 opening is envisioned for the new school. The future Shelby Whippets athletic complex is scheduled to open in 2023. A retention pond is being built for the new baseball facility.

SHELBY — Officials are providing a series of updates as efforts continue for the future Shelby Whippets athletic facility in addition to a new school, which is under construction.

“We’re really excited because all of the steel is here,” Scott Harvey, the Shelby school district's director of buildings, grounds and safety, said of the new pre-kindergarten-through-eighth-grade school.

“The decking is going up right now,” he told the Shelby Board of Education on Oct. 18. "They are working overtime tonight as we speak, getting the decking up, which allows us to pour the second floor, and then we’ll get the roof built, which is huge”

That will allow the building to start “getting under cover because weather is going to be creeping up on us,” he said of the winter.

“They are bringing in another crew tomorrow to start setting steel decking so they’re going full at it,” Harvey said.

That construction site is behind the current Shelby Middle School off Smiley Avenue. The new school is scheduled to open in September 2022.

Harvey also provided an update on the Whippets athletic facility that is to open on the Shelby High School campus in 2023.

“On the athletic complex, you’ll see that they’re digging out by the auxiliary gym,” he said. “That is our retention pond that we needed to put in for the (new) baseball field. You are seeing that being built right now.”

Harvey also spoke of efforts for the locker-room facility off the southwest corner of the track. “We had some soil issues that we were concerned about so we had an engineer do some testing to see what we need to do,” Harvey said. “That’s a very wet clay down low.”

Elsewhere, the retention pond north of the planned football stadium is complete.

“At the baseball field, the outfield is growing grass nicely right now,” Harvey said.

The new baseball facility won’t debut until 2023. “We have a lot to do on the baseball obviously with dugouts and the backstop,” Harvey said.

“The block brick wall for the backstop is going to be started here soon,” he said. “That is 155 feet long.”

In addition, light towers for the football stadium are scheduled to go up in early November. “They won’t be hooked up and running, but you’re going to see them up,” Harvey said. “Scoreboards are going to be coming in, hopefully this fall.”

The scoreboards themselves will represent a big effort.

“We’re digging 19 1/2 feet down 4-foot piers to set that scoreboard,” Harvey said. “They’ll have to water-jet them to get that big of a hole, set them that deep.”

Shelby officials also are awaiting a permit from the state for the new press box. 
Harvey said: “There is a lot going on and a lot happening. We keep plugging away, plugging away, trying to keep on schedule, do as much as we can while the weather permits.”

In discussions at the meeting, School Board President Lorie White raised a question about football parking.

“When I look at the parking for the stadium, it doesn’t seem like a lot to me,” Mrs. White said.

Shelby Schools Schools Superintendent Tim Tarvin said: “We think we’ll have 1,000 spots all-told. Now that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to throw a tennis ball from your parking spot to the track.”

Later, Mrs. White and Tarvin mentioned  planned parking locations, including near the middle school, high school auxiliary gym, baseball and tennis facilities and a small lot planned by the VO-AG building.

Mrs. White also asked about the blocking material for the athletic complex.

“We’ll probably be using the color brick that is at the (Shelby) fire station for all of the trim on the monument and the dugouts and the locker-room facility,” Harvey responded.

“We really like that color red,” he added.

School Board member Scott Rose asked about “incorporating nostalgic” elements from the current baseball facility into the new facility.

“We can look at that and see, but I just don’t know that it’s going to be cost-effective to do something like that,” Harvey responded. 

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