Road work
A look at the road improvement work in Jackson Township as shown in August 2020. Extra stone was needed for the work resulting in an unanticipated expense for the township.

JACKSON TOWNSHIP — The recent Jackson Township trustees meeting featured a rare split vote, one involving a newly completed summer project to upgrade area roadways as part of a summer maintenance program.

The issue came to light at the Sept. 1 trustees meeting when they voted 2-1 — with Trustee Mark Eshelman dissenting — to approve spending for extra stone needed for the contractor's work at the added expense of about $6,248.
“We have dump trucks, we have a spreader, we could put it (stone) on after they left for the evening,” Eshelman said as the issue was discussed. “That would probably be a little cheaper than that.”
The extra stone was not anticipated in advance of the work getting underway.
Trustee Mark Wright explained the decision to get the extra stone work done -- while the project already was underway — as a judgment call at the time.
“To do it right now and then, to get it done and over with instead of having to come back, (which) would cost more money,” he said.
Trustees Chairman Greg Vogt said: “At some point, we needed to put more stone down. Honestly, I didn’t realize they were putting that much (stone) down. I didn’t realize we were that far over on the amount that they were hauling in and using.”
The roads recently upgraded were:
* Laser Road
* Holtz Road 
* Springmill North Road
* Taylortown Road
Vogt reported that Taylortown Road was especially in need of the stone.
Citing the Ohio Revised Code, Vogt also noted that lawyers had been consulted when it came to the township needing to spend more money than anticipated on the road project.
Wright said: “I’d say this happens a lot with contracting companies. It’s nothing new.”
“The next time we have tar and chip (road work) done, there’s provisions that we can add into the contracts that would allow a percentage of the total amount bidded out for instances like this,” Wright said. “They could be 5 percent of the total bid for any extra oil that may be needed.”
Vogt said he had worked with the Ohio Department of Transportation for many years and the township’s action amounted to a “change order.”
“They do change orders,” he said of ODOT. “That is basically what we had to do.”
Vogt said if he had known about the stone issue further in advance “I would have had an emergency meeting…and said ‘Hey, this is what is going on.’”
Pending a formal contract for the extra stone, trustees voted 2-1 in favor of a resolution so that the contractor can be paid for the expense. Vogt and Wright voted in favor.
Check the Shelby Daily Globe for an upcoming story on how this issue sparked debate about future road projects in Jackson Township.

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