Jackson meeting
Jackson Township trustees met on Tuesday, Sept. 7. Shown left to right are rustees' Chairman Greg Vogt, Trustee Mark Wright and Trustee Mark Eshelman.

JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- An effort to enhance the safety of roadways moved forward Sept. 7 with a 2-1 vote of the township trustees on a proposal to add centerline striping along portions of Stiving and Laser roads.

The $5,310 project involves:
* 3.5 miles of Stiving from State Route 39 to the Sharon Township line ($3,150)
* 2.4 miles of Laser from Taylortown Road to Bowman Street ($2,160).
Griffin Pavement Striping of Fremont secured the project that first was proposed by Jackson Township Trustees' Chairman Greg Vogt over the summer and supported in public comments over the summer.
It also was described as a safety issue for motorists, including snowplow drivers who rely on the striping as they carry out their work at night. In addition, an increasing number of children living along Stiving was mentioned to trustees in discussions about roadway safety within the township.
Vogt conducted the research for pricing and in finding a contractor. He presented the proposal at the Sept. 1 meeting
The vote was 2-1 with Vogt and Trustee Mark Wright in favor. Trustee Mark Eshelman cast the dissenting vote. Trustee Eshelman did not express opposition to the striping itself but to the ongoing maintenance required after the project is completed. That was an issue raised by Trustee Wright just prior to the vote.
"From what I've gathered here in the past couple of weeks, once we stripe the roads, we have to maintain the stripes," Wright said. "They can't just go away. They have to be maintained."
"That means in a year, two years, if they're faded out, we have to have them redone again," Wright added.
Trustee Eshelman mentioned that in voting against the project, citing the requirement of having to continue to maintain the the centerline striping. "We've got to keep upkeeping," he said after the meeting.
No date is set for the project to start, but it's expected this fall before the weather gets cold.
In other business, trustees:
* received the road superintendent's report that was presented by Vogt. Activities included conducting road berming for the city of Shelby on two occasions and conducting mowing in the township and its cemeteries.
* Voted 3-0 for a budget-related resolution read by Chairman Vogt. The resolution involves accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the budget commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them to the Richland County auditor.
* Heard a concern from Trustee Eshelman about a culvert/ditch that needs clearing along George Hawk Road in the vicinity of Myers Road and set of guardrails. Dirt and silt have built up over a period of time, Trustee Wright said after the meeting. 
To address the issue, officials plan to meet Nov. 1 when crops are off fields. Trustee Eshelman, however, advocated for assistance prior to that on the south end of the culvert. Officials plan to speak with Jackson Township Road Superintendent Kurt Stumbo to see if he can help by using equipment the township already has on-hand.
Separately, involving the township as a whole, Trustee Eshelman praised overall maintenance efforts. "The township looks great," he said.
* received an agreement, from Richland County, involving the purchasing of rock salt for the upcoming winter season. "The rate is $54.82 per ton," Jackson Township Fiscal Officer Marty Penwell detailed. "Last year it was $39.79."
Trustee Wright said: "It's still better than the $100 a ton we paid a couple of years ago.

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