Road projects

Plans were announced to pave Broadway Street from the CSX tracks to Main Street in Shelby. 

SHELBY — Multiple street paving projects are in the works for the Shelby region as the construction season picks up on area roadways.

Shelby City Council’s Utilities and Streets Committee was briefed July 14 on the various projects by Shelby Utilities Director John Ensman.

Among the highlights from Ensman in remarks to the committee and in documents: 

* paving Broadway Street from the CSX tracks to Main Street, Water Street and Wyandot Street. The project bid was awarded to Shelley and Sands with the contracted price at $342,121.89

“The start date has not yet been confirmed, but contractually the paving needs to be finished by October 2, 2020,” Ensman said.

The area north of the tracks was paved last year.

* paving East Main Street/State Route 96, an Ohio Department of Transportation project. The work is expected to start this year.

“The cost for the city portion of the project has changed due to material and construction costs,” Ensman said.

Initially, the price increased from $35,000 to $56,318. After the cost increase was questioned and during ODOT's review of project plans, "some miscalculations” in estimates were found, Ensman reported, bringing down the projected increase.

“We are anticipating the price to increase from $35,000 to somewhere around $45,000,” Ensman said, noting that the project cost still is higher than Shelby had originally budgeted by about $10,000, "hopefully less."

Money is available in a city fund for streets, alleys and basin rehabilitations to cover the additional cost, Ensman reported to the committee.

* London West Road repaving, near Reservoir 3, recently was completed at a lower-than-projected cost. “The initial cost was estimated to be $16,380,” Ensman said. “The final cost could be closer to $9,000.”

The city is waiting on the Richland County Engineer’s Office to confirm the final cost figure, Ensman said.

He told the committee that other paving projects are being scheduled for 2020.

“The amount of road surface to be paved is depending on the budgetary quotes,” Ensman said.

He identified Clowes Street and several alleys in Ward 2 as sites for paving, alley locations between Myers Avenue and Vernon Road. In all, $75,000 has been appropriated with the amount of paving done based on the total of the quotes, Ensman noted.

“City crews will be assisting on the projects to help keep the contractor cost down so more paving can be done,” he said.

"We know Clowes Street will be paved. We just don’t know how many alleys we will be able to pave until we get the quote," he added.

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