A second case of the coronavirus disease 2019 has been found in Huron County prompting Huron County Public Health to formally declare a local public emergency, according to Huron County Health Commissioner Tim Hollinger.

With dwindling supplies of personal protective equipment, the proclamation instructs each municipality, first responder, hospital and long-term care facility to implement protocols and strategies for optimizing the supply and usage of scarce resources to protect the citizens of this county.

An increase in positive cases of COVID-19 are cause for public concern. Therefore, the Health District is declaring an emergency with, and in support of, its partners. The current disease activity is at pandemic levels across the United States and worldwide causing several shortages of personal protection equipment for use in first responders and healthcare settings.

With this declaration, healthcare facilities, long-term facilities and first responders are instructed to adhere to the Center for Disease Control Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Patients with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 in healthcare settings, including adherence to standard and transmission-based precautions.

The selection of PPE an individual may use is to be aligned with specific CDC guidance based on the clinical presentation, which includes the preservation of N95 respirators for use in aerosolizing procedures.

Hollinger said at this time, any patient with confirmed or possible COVID-19 disease should wear a face mask when being medically evaluated. The CDC currently does not recommend the use of face masks for the general public.

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