Shelby Fire Chief Mike Thompson visited with Jackson Township trustees and briefed them on activities involving the department, which services Jackson Township.

JACKSON TOWNSHIP — As they got their October meeting schedule started, Jackson Township trustees received an update from the Shelby Fire Department, which provides services to the township and its residents.

Shelby Fire Chief Mike Thompson provided details during the Oct. 6 meeting.
“Shelby Fire is up and running on the MARCS (radio) system now,” he told trustees in discussing the “Multi-Agency Radio Communications System. “Those of you who have (police/fire) scanners, if you notice, you hear the dispatches but don’t hear any traffic afterwards. It’s a totally different system.”
Thompson added: “911 will continue to simulcast on both systems. But if you have a conventional VHF scanner, you won’t hear us. You will hear our dispatch, and that will be it. Eventually, that will be phased out, the VHF system. That may take several years.”
The next day, Thompson told Shelby City Council’s Safety Committee about crews using the new MARCS radios in the field while responding to a recent house fire in Jackson Township. “The radio traffic was very clear, he said. “There’s not the static with it.”
In other remarks to the trustees, Thompson said the department is looking at new software for its reporting work.
“We need to upgrade,” he said.
Thompson also discussed fire department staffing.
“We are going to make a new hire here in the near future, full-time,” he said. "Pending some tests and background checks and that kind of thing.”
Thompson also provided a fire-safety update.
“A reminder to everybody: It’s been dry,” he said. “It’s going to continue to be dry. We’re taking crops off…There are very limited things you can open burn anymore. The EPA has really cracked down on that.”
“But especially if you’re having a 3x3 ‘clean wood’ fire next to the corn stubble or the bean stubble, it probably is not a good idea with the wind blowing…” Thompson said. “It seems like this is when we get most of our field fires, this time of the year and in early spring.”
Thompson also spoke of the importance of reflective number signs to display home addresses so that first responders can see them.
Trustees Chairman Greg Vogt said interested township residents should contact the township for information on getting the signs that are $10 each.
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