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Shelby City Schools updated its coronavirus plan on Oct. 12.

Acting on a proposal submitted by Superintendent Tim Tarvin, the Shelby Board of Education voted 5-0 on Monday, Oct. 12 to adjust the district's coronavirus operating plan.

"Previously at Level 4/Purple, we automatically were going to remote learning," Tarvin said in reference to the state's color-coded coronavirus system in which Richland County is Level 3/Red in the latest Oct. 8 update.
"We had conversations with legal counsel and Shelby City Health Department and came to the realization, conclusion, that we wanted to give ourselves some leeway," Tarvin continued during the special meeting of the Board of Education.
"So in the future, if we were to go to the purple, I'm not saying that we will remain open, but at least (we) have the option to stay open or to go to remote learning," Tarvin said.
Through the wording change, when it comes to coronavirus Level 4/Purple, Shelby schools "may" close school, not "will" close school, he said in his presentation.
No confirmed coronavirus cases are reported in Shelby Schools as of Oct. 12, and no one is in quarantine, according to the district's website.
Tarvin said that he is not sure what the future holds for the Shelby district involving the coronavirus situation. 
"But we want to give ourselves the option, the flexibility, if need be, that we can stay open and/or go to remote learning as needed," Tarvin told the school board.
"...Probably, quite frankly with some strong conversations with the Shelby City Health Department if that were to come about," he added. "We are going to meet with them. We are going to explore our options. We are going to go by the recommendations as we have in the past."
School board member Lorie White praised the revised plan.
"I think this is really wise to adjust this policy a little," she said at the meeting.
"If I haven't figured out anything during this last six months it's that you make these policies thinking you've got it all, you've got every element," White said. "And then when you start using them, you realize that things have to be tweaked and adjusted," White said.
"So I think this is great," she said of the updated plan.
School Board President Scott Rose said: "I appreciate you guys communicating with the parents, sending this stuff out, being proactive. There are a lot of parents who are very appreciative of that."
Prior to Monday's board meeting, Tarvin told reporters that the Oct. 23 groundbreaking -- for the new pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade school building -- would be by invitation-only (not open to the public) due to coronavirus restrictions.
As it takes place, the 11 a.m. event is to be available for people to view on Facebook Live at, the district reported via email.
Statewide coronavirus K-12 building closures extended from mid-March 2020 through the end of the 2019-20 academic year.
Shelby’s 2020-21 academic year started Aug. 24. The district offers in-building classes plus the option of online learning through the Whippet Academy.

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