Taxi service

Shelby hopes to resume its taxi service on March 2.

SHELBY -- Mayor Steve Schag reported this week that the city of Shelby was looking to hire a backup taxi driver as a date neared for the service to resume operations.

At the time of the Feb. 23 Public Works and General Operations Committee meeting, the taxi’s driver was out sick, Schag told the Shelby committee. 
“Hopefully we’ll be resuming services on March 2,” Schag said.
“We really could put the plea out there for a backup taxi driver,” the mayor said. “We thought we had one, and that fell through the cracks. We really could use a backup taxi driver committed to that role.”
As of Feb. 23, the taxi had been down for about a little more than a week because of the driver issue, Schag said after the meeting in estimating the timeframe.

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