The update was issued by the Shelby City Health Department.

SHELBY -- The Shelby City Health Department updated its coronavirus case data on Wednesday when it reported 18 new cases and 18 resolved cases for the two-day period covering Sept. 14-15.

The department was monitoring a total of 62 active cases (general population) with two individuals hospitalized. The department also said it has documented a total of 1,155 individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 since the outbreak began in March 2020.

Of that cumulative number, 1,054 individuals have attained recovered/resolved status. In all, 39 people have died within Shelby's jurisdiction. Twelve are from the general population and 27 from long-term care.

Citizens are urged to follow all COVID-19 protocols and health department guidelines including vaccinations, frequent and thorough hand washing, careful sanitization, physical/social distancing and appropriate wearing of facial coverings, the department said in an email.

The Shelby City Health Department is not scheduling COVID-19 vaccination clinics due to the current lack of demand locally and the ample supply of vaccine providers in the North Central Ohio region, the email said.

For assistance in locating a vaccination clinic nearby, people are asked to contact the Shelby City Health Department at 419-342-5226 or check out the department's current Facebook posts.

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