Last Tuesday’s Sharon Township Trustees meeting began with the approval of bills and then the fiscal officer’s report. Kimberly Stover led discussion on the End of the Month Reconciliation and Reports for December, the completed Year End Annual Financial Report which requires the trustees to sign many P.O.s She also discussed the temporary appropriations, Insurance Certificates for the truck (Grove), and the Mileage Certification which required signatures. Stover also presented the Richland County Zoning Resolution Letter and Richland County Public Health Report to the trustees.

On the agenda was legislation to adopt Temporary Appropriations to meet the immediate obligations of the township until Permanent Appropriations are prepared and approved. Stover said the approval date will depend upon receipt of financial data from the County Auditor. The Temporary Appropriations included items in the General Fund, the Motor Vehicle License Fund, the Gas Tax Fund, the Road & Bridge Fund, and Permissive Sales Tax Fund totaling $693,080. Jason Snyder made a motion to approve, Adam Schroeder seconded, and the motion passed.

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