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Shelby Fire Chief Mike Thompson (left) is shown briefing Jackson Township Trustees at their March 16 meeting. He provided updates on multiple topics. On the right is Jackson Township Trustee Mark Wright.

JACKSON TOWNSHIP — As part of outreach to the Jackson Township, Shelby Fire Chief Mike Thompson visited with trustees recently to update them on a variety of topics, including fire prevention.

“Open burning, there is no open burning during the day,” he said in remarks to trustees on March 16. “It’s from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. It has to be stuff that’s on your own property.” He spoke of fires that are “3x3, sticks, clean wood.”

“If it’s anything other than that, you could get with me,” Thompson said. “I can hook you up with the people, talk to the EPA for a permit.”

“Really, it doesn’t cost you a dime,” he added.

Thompson also spoke of recent residential fires in the Shelby community.

“With the fires, smoking materials,” he said. “It is so dry outside right now. One was a cigarette. One was cardboard boxes too close to a wood-burning stove.”

In other comments, Thompson updated officials on:

* A grain-rescue class in Shelby through the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

“It was really good training,” Thompson said. "We were there pretty much all day. We actually entrapped people in their simulator, grain, and different techniques to get them out.”

The training had been planned for March 2020, but it was delayed until March 13, 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. (See full story in the March 16 Shelby Daily Globe and

* the importance of address signage that displays house numbers for first responders

“Those are a big thing,” said Thompson, who has stressed their importance in helping firefighters/police find addresses in emergencies.
Being able to easily find the house numbers can be helpful in other ways, too.
“If you don’t want the fire and police, at least you like warm pizza," Thompson  said. "Make sure your house numbers are good.”

Trustees’ Chairman Greg Vogt noted that Jackson Township has been working on increasing the number of house number signs since Thompson’s last briefing on Oct. 6, 2020.

“If it’s dark when you guys go home, just run an experiment,” Thompson said during March 16 visit. “Find house numbers, and then go in town and find house numbers.”

“The nice thing out here is the standard,” Thompson added. “They are green with the white…It is so beneficial, especially after snow season. We had deep snows, a lot of them (signs) went away. Just getting those house numbers back up just helps us a ton.”

* Staffing at the Shelby Fire Department, which provides fire protection services to Jackson and Sharon townships.

“We do have one retirement coming up here in April,” Thompson told Jackson trustees. “One of our firefighters is going to be leaving. So we will have an opening after that.”

* COVID-19 vaccines. Shelby’s City Health Department does have some openings for vaccines from time to time, Thompson said. “If you want to get on the list. It’s really beneficial if you have a job where you can break away, or if you’re retired, you can break away. You’ll get it.”

He encouraged people to call to get on the list for COVID-19 vaccines and contact Shelby's health department.

“Sometimes, they get a little extra in the vials, and they can hook you up,” Thompson told trustees. “I know several people who have gotten that done. They are looking for places to fill.”

Shelby Mayor Steve Schag has noted that the Shelby City Health Department is pleased to be recognized as a COVID-19 vaccine provider in the area. Those eligible for a vaccine can contact the Shelby City Health Department at 419-342-5226 to begin the appointment process, he added. 

Vaccine-provider locations and contact information around the state can be found at

A new central scheduling tool for the COVID-19 vaccines in Ohio is available at

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