Shelby's Board of Park Commissioners met on Feb. 8 when officials were updated on several issues. At the meeting were members Ed Ingle, Dave Keinath, Ralph Rosinsky and Dave Downs, Shelby Finance Director Brian Crum and Shelby Parks Superintendent Jerry Marshall.

SHELBY -- Though the winter is the slow time of the year for Shelby City Parks, staff members are keeping active as the snow continues to move through the region.

Shelby Parks Superintendent Jerry Marshall provided an update Feb. 8 during the monthly meeting of the city's Board of Park Commissioners.
"We did sidewalks at the Playscape, Maxwell, McBride, which we normally do if the snow gets too deep," Marshall said of snow removal efforts. 
A staff member also used a front-end loader and cleaned off a parking lot at Seltzer Park North. "It helped. Cars can park down there waiting on the school bus or picking up kids," Marshall said.
Three park system employees have served on an on-call basis in the past month. "We cut up two trees, taken down Christmas decorations and collected trash," Marshall said of their efforts in addition to the snow removal work.
And though summer remains months away, interest is picking up for booking events at the outdoor amphitheater at Black Fork Commons downtown. 
"Because of COVID, they don't want to have activities in-house so they're wanting to use the amphitheater for everything from magic shows to an Elvis (tribute) concert," Marshall said. 
Marshall also reported that tree work is needed in the vicinity of the east side of Tucker Park and the Black Fork River. The work would include removing a dead ash tree as soon as possible, according to the written report from Marshall.
Pending a price check, the park board approved spending up to $3,500 for the work.
"It's about 2 feet down, 3 feet down from top of the bank," Marshall said of the ash tree. "It needs to come down because it's either going to fall in the stream or fall in the parking lot."
Marshall also provided an update involving Grand Boulevard where the parks system had information about private-property tree limbs being dragged to city/park property on the boulevard's middle for expected disposal.
Marshall said that he has spoken with Shelby Mayor Steve Schag about the issue and that a letter is being considered to address the matter. During the meeting, it was requested that the letter also be posted on the parks' Facebook page to help get the word out about the issue that Marshall said dates back to last fall.
In addition, Marshall indicated some of the issue may date back to a city letter about an alley cleanup in the area last summer and information not being specified about what to do with the tree limbs.
Separately at the board meeting Feb. 8, Shelby Finance Director Brian Crum provided an update on park system finances.
"We have $104,000 in the bank right now," he said. "We did have $190,000 at this time last year, but that's because we had just gotten a grant to pay off a loan. So that is why it is down so far from last year, and we hadn't made that expenditure yet."
In other business, the board continued receiving information about a proposed disc golf course. Park Board President Ed Ingle has been researching the issue and plans to gather more information to present to board members.
Check the Shelby Daily Globe upcoming for a closer look at the issue, including current research by Ingle.

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