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Apply for a Conservation Cost-Share grant for projects to better Richland County. We are awarding cost-share grants for native plants for a new rain garden, new rain barrels, or soil tests. The application deadline is May 30, so don’t delay. To apply, please visit or call 419-747-8685.


1. One application allowed per person for one practice.

2. Only one person per address may apply.

3. The application must be completely filled out.

4. A site visit is required for rain garden and rain barrel installations BEFORE Richland SWCD approves an application.

5. A site visit is required after installation of rain barrels and rain gardens.

6. The landowner is required to purchase a rain barrel from Richland SWCD.

7. The rain barrel must be installed within a month of cost share approval.

8. A drawn plan for the rain garden must accompany requests with the  rain garden cost share application.

9. A rain garden must be installed within 2 months of cost share approval.

10. Established native plants must be purchased for the rain garden and a valid receipt showing current proof of purchase must be provided to Richland SWCD.

11. Landowner is required to have their soil tested through Richland SWCD.

12. Cost share reimbursement is contingent upon verification of installed practices and valid receipts. 

13. Reimbursement for soil tests are made after the soil test results are received.

14. Applicants are limited to those who are not already receiving funding administered by Richland Soil and Water Conservation District, i.e Farmland Preservation, H2Ohio, MWCD Cover Crop.

15. Grants are limited to projects located in Richland County, Ohio.

16. Richland Soil and Water Conservation District employees, board supervisors, spouses and relatives of employees and supervisors are not eligible to apply for a cost share grant.

Cost-share Breakdown: 

1. Native plants for new rain garden installation:  $50.00

2. New rain barrel installation: $25.00

3. Complete garden/surf soil test: $24.00

4. Complete agriculture and pasture soil test: $6.00

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