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A look at the Sharon Township government garage site as shown in 2020.

SHARON TOWNSHIP -- A lack of township-provided health insurance is prompting the departure of Sharon Township's road superintendent, who is resigning after nearly a decade on the job.

"It is with great regret that I offer my letter of resignation as road superintendent of Sharon Township," Corey Keller wrote in a Jan. 4 letter to Sharon Township trustees.

"For over eight years, this position has been my dream job and I have truly appreciated the opportunities it has given me," Keller said in his letter.

"However, as we have discussed, I must seek a position where I can receive family benefits from my employer," the letter continued. "Otherwise, I am unable to continue meeting my living expenses."

Keller's listed Jan. 19 as his last official day.

"Thank you to the residents of the township," he concluded. "It has been a privilege to provide you services over the years."

Reached by telephone by the Daily Globe, Keller spoke further about the matter. "I am resigning because of lack of health benefits," he said.

Keller said that during the trustees' meeting on Jan. 4, he informed them of his upcoming departure.

"I have been fighting with them for a while to try and get it, but they won't budge," Keller said of his efforts to secure health insurance through his job.

Asked about his current health insurance, he said that he has been buying the health insurance himself.

Reached to discuss the matter, Devin Cain, chairman of the Sharon Township trustees, reported that more information was being sought.

"We are going to do a little exit interview here later this week with him to see why he decided to move on," Cain said.

"But his letter of resignation kind of hinted toward he wanted health care, which we weren't able to provide for him," Cain said.

Cain was asked why the township cannot provide health insurance and if costs were a factor.

Cain said he is in his third year as a trustee and that the policy had been established prior to his becoming a trustee.

He said health care may have been offered or provided by the township in the past but that may have changed as the result of the federal Affordable Care Act.

"I didn't do a whole ton of digging on this myself because it was something they established before I was there," Cain said. "But I believe when Obamacare came out that if we provided it (health insurance) to one person, we had to provide it to all employees. So that would have been three trustees, a fiscal officer, potentially a zoning person. So you went from offering it to one to offering it to six people."

With Keller's departure upcoming, Cain was asked about back-up plan so that the duties of road superintendent can be carried out in an interim period, which would be during winter.

"Between the trustees ourselves and we also have kind of emergency drivers for snow plows," Cain said of the effort. "We are going to talk to them about filling in until we get someone hired here full-time."

During the interview, Keller said he has another job lined up but declined to provide specifics.

Keller was asked by the Daily Globe if he wanted to talk about his accomplishments as road superintendent or something he was really proud of during his service to the township.

"Everything I did," he responded.

Duties included removing snow, mowing, maintaining the township government's buildings, the roads, right-of-ways for the roads, township equipment plus maintenance.

"It's a one-man (job)," Keller said. "I did it all."

Sharon Township is currently advertising for the job.

"The road superintendent is responsible for the careful and safe operation of dump trucks, other motorized equipment and performing highway maintenance work, maintains buildings, shop, and equipment in a clean orderly manner," states an online ad posted on Facebook. "Operates Township equipment relevant to job duties. Does other work as directed by the board of trustees."

Skills include knowledge of highway construction and maintenance methods, knowledge of operating principles of gasoline and diesel-powered motor vehicles, knowledge of the particular problems involved in operation of trucks, knowledge of state and local motor vehicle laws, the ad also states.

The road superintendent also needs the "ability to perform heavy manual duties for long periods of time in all types of weather, ability to maintain record, and prepare reports and perform minor maintenance and repair work on township equipment."

The full ad is posted on the township's Facebook page.

Those interested in the position are asked submit a resume and cover letter to Sharon Township 43 West Main Street Shelby, OH 44875

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