Dr. Marissa Miller has been with The Shelby Foundation since 2016, acting as its vice-chair since 2021. At its annual meeting on April 19, the Shelby dentist was named the Foundation’s new board chairperson.

The Foundation has grown exponentially over the years, and outgoing chairperson Ann Downs spent her two-year term focusing on internal sustainability and implementing policies that position the Foundation to resiliently endure the future.

Ms. Downs’ business acumen and knowledge have allowed the Foundation to implement scalable procedures and policies that will adapt as the Foundation’s portfolio, outreach, and impact continue to expand.

Foundation Director Carrie Kemerer stated, “Ann is a business owner, and she understands the importance of governing procedures that make the Foundation strong today and for many years to come.” Even though Ms. Downs is no longer in the chair role, she will still be an active member of the Board. 

Also, at the annual meeting, three board members attended their last meeting, having served the maximum allotted nine years. Cody Albert, Jay Baker, and Andrea Wilkins have served at the Foundation since 2014 and oversaw substantial growth and significant impact.

Newly appointed board chair Dr. Miller said, “We have been fortunate to have these outstanding members so dedicated to serving our organization. They are leaving us financially stable and prosperous, which allows us to have a real impact. Because of their leadership, the entire community is benefitting.”

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