Shelby Lions Club drive-thru

Jennifer Stidam versus challenger Rich Banichar and President of Shelby Lions Club, Lin Jenkins.

The Shelby Lions Club is always looking to help others.  They plan and participate in a variety of service projects. Examples include donations to hospices, conducting community hearing and cancer-screening projects, and People Helping People.  

Lions Clubs International Foundation is “Lions helping Lions serve the world.  Donations provide funding in the form of grants to financially assist humanitarian projects. Recently, the Cleveland Food Bank completed a study of Shelby and surrounding areas. According to their study, approximately 3000 people were found to have a food deficit.

The Shelby Lions Club is planning a Drive-thru at the Presbyterian Church on Saturday, June 27thstarting at 3:30 pm.

  Jennifer Stidam and fellow Lions Club member Rich Banichar are challenging each other in who is the best cook. Rich will be preparing Beef & Noodles, potatoes, green beans, a roll, and a cookie. Rich is hoping all of his buddies from ArcelorMittal will support this effort and make Rich a winner! Jennifer will be preparing Cheese stuffed ravioli, with meat sauce, salad, rolls, and cookies. Jennifer is asking all of her friends, and family to support her in this challenge!

 The donations for a meal will be given to FISH, Harmony House, Lions Club Sight Program, First Lutheran Church Food Bank, Children's Diabetes, and People Helping People.  

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